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Reiko was content to let Carol go do whatever. If she got herself killed then oh well. She doubted that Carol would get killed. That would be unfortunate. Still, there's not much that she could do if it happened. Reiko was just about to sit down when she heard the gunshot. she jogged in the direction Carol had gone, curious to see what had just happened.

What she would was not a pretty sight. Carol was staring at someone on the ground with a look of horror on her face, they recently shot weapon in her hands. The thing she was staring at happened to be a male, who's leg seemed to be gushing blood. The boy looked familiar, Rizza? Rizzo? Something like that. He was mumbling something while clutching his leg, each passing second the puddle on the ground increased in size. The boy wasn't going to survive.

Without saying anything, Reiko walked over to the injured boy on the ground, who made a feeble attempt to move away. It didn't amount to much, after all it was hard to move with one useless leg and massive blood loss. It was almost sad seeing him struggle. She would be doing him a service if she put him out of his misery.

The moment that thought crossed the girl's mind, her hands were already moving, almost of their own accord. Gripping the pistol in both hands and taking a firm stance, she leveled the weapon at his head. The look on his face was almost pathetic, to the point where Reiko felt the need to say something comforting. "It's okay, you won't feel a thing." she said in the sweetest voice she could muster. With that, she placed her finger on the trigger and pulled.

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