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The moments felt like minutes as he waited through the silence after telling his tale of woe and misery. His head hung in the air, his ears about literally perking up as he heard Jacob's breath, and then his voice.

"...if that's what happened, Colin...then I can't see any reason why it's your fault. If...you couldn't have known what was going to happen, then I don't see how you can blame yours-"

And then he suddenly stopped. Jacob may have thought that Colin had done what he had done intentionally, the pause honestly just serving to confuse the boy. His head turned as he looked up at their new companion, as he sat, looking contemplative. Was he second guessing his original statement? Please no.

"I'm ready to go whenever you guys are. Just say the word."

The break in the tension was welcome, to say the least. Colin offered a quick, single nod, standing and grabbing beginning to gather his things in silence, just wondering what was going through Jacob's head. Thankfully, that question would be answered relatively quickly. No longer did it take Jacob to speak up again than it had taken him to begin pulling his clothing from the night before off the makeshift drier that they had created from the embers and the coals.

"...you guys are all I have now. My friend's out there somewhere, and if I know him, I know he's not dead. I haven't died, so he knows the same for me. If we can find him, find our group of friends... and then... and then I suppose we can work it out from there, however it goes, I s'pose."

He smiled. I guess that means he didn't change his mind. A validation from someone who he didn't think just might feel obligated to make him feel better. As much as he valued Tim and his friendship, the pair had been close friends for the better part of a year now. His words had been extremely comforting, but somewhere in the back of Colin's mind, there was a thought that Tim may just want to make him feel better. That he did blame Colin. Having told his story to someone who had no ties, and their confirmation all but washed away guilt within him.

Damn, the world had to move on fast on this island. Sorrows and feelings that anywhere else would take months, or years even to move past and forget were flashing by in a matter of hours. Not that the feelings were any less real, but it almost seemed as if the island had detached itself from true time. Relationships that lasted years and decades dissolving in days. Killing, accidents... So much happening so fast. It was more than anyone could handle.

"I dunno how long you guys have been here, but I reckon this beach's seen enough of my ugly mug for the last day or whatever. I...I dunno if it's still there, but I left my bag in the town. My stuff's probably gone, but...well, I don't think you'd wanna share your stuff with me for the next week or so, I'm a big eater. So you've got maps, don't you? You lead, and I'll follow."

At least that was a plan. Some direction, some purpose. They had been here for two days after all. And frankly, Colin was starving. There was very little bread left in his own backpack. Just one question remained on his mind.

"Jacob... Are you sure you can make it that far on that leg?" He shook his head, pulling out the map and running a finger over it. It would be a little while yet until the danger zones were announced, and honestly, he figured it would be best to cover as much ground as possible before that speaker crackled to life again.

"Sounds good. If we head this way..." His finger on the map raised to point in a direction, about the way from which Jacob came. "...we can avoid most of the places that likely have people. I say we start now, make a pit stop here..." Back to the map with his finger. "...at the warehouses, and then double back around to the residential district." The last thing Colin wanted was to encounter anyone.

No more chance of killing. He wouldn't make that same mistake twice.

Slowly finishing up packing the few belongings that he still had, he nodded. "Alright, let's do this. Everyone ready?"

((Colin Falcone continued in Stay Frosty.))
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