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A friendly clown welcomes you to LOCAH. It seems he would like to be your guide.
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”Who are you?”

Who am I? I’m Dustin fucking Royal.

That’s what Dustin would have said, had he not been panicking majorly. As it were, he had time to figure out that it was a male voice and was thinking about how he was going to respond when-

The loudspeaker buzzed to life.

The fuck? I haven’t been walking for THAT long, have I? Nah, no way, something’s up...

That thought was confirmed by the voice coming from the speaker. It wasn’t Danya. It was Mr. Kwong.

Dustin listened. Apparently some girl, Liz Polanski, had been fucking with her collar. And the terrorists were pissed about it. Weird how they were issuing a manhunt for her now, though. If she’d been stupid about it, they would have just blown her collar, but no. She was still alive and they weren’t eliminating her.

Either she wasn’t enough of a threat to eliminate...or she’d gotten her collar off. And if they were trying to get others to kill her...

But he didn’t dwell on it. Whatever had happened, it didn’t have to do with him now, particularly since one of the girls was now shouting at him.

"You. You did this?" The girl was shining a flashlight in his face now. He squinted, distracted for a moment, fumbled with his own flashlight and pointed it at her. He didn’t recognize the girl- no wonder, wasn’t like she was attractive or anything, she wasn’t anyone he’d notice in any other circumstance. No, he did recognize her, Rena he thought her name was. They’d probably had a class together. He caught a glimpse at the other two as well- Raine and Ridley. Lots of fucking R’s. She was cute, no one he’d ever talked to before but certainly attractive enough.

All those thoughts buzzed around in the back of his head where he didn’t have to pay attention to them. He had other things on his mind.

"If you're the monster who did this, then fine. Kill us. Do what you're going to do-I'm not going to beg, because it won't change anything. But understand this. If you did kill this kid, if you kill us, then you better enjoy your next few days on this island. Because you will never rest again. You will be dragged down to hell by the people you killed. You're going to die on this island just like all of them- the only difference is that they won't die monsters. Even if you win, you'll be forced to face their families. Forced to live up with what you've done. If you're the monster who did this, and you run, and you don't kill us, then I will make it my personal mission to make you suffer a death more painful then any other in history."

And it took the entire length of that speech for Dustin to get the point.

Oh...Oh shit! They think this was me!

He opened his mouth to reply and was immediately interrupted by this girl going on again. The fuck is her problem? Gotta be on edge if she thinks it was me, I’m not even...bloody. He shivered. Let her rant for now, I guess. Wait for her to shut up.

"And if you didn't do this, then you have five seconds to tell us who you are and why you're here before my friend here pulls the trigger and you become just another name on the annoucements. And don't think about lying, because come morning we'll know anyway- and I don't like being lied too. So, who the hell are you?"

Jesus Christ, this crazy fucking bitch...

"You got five seconds. Five..."

Dustin snapped out of his thoughts and waved his hands wildly, suddenly back in panic, having noticed that there was a gun right there. “No no no no no, you’ve got the wrong-”

"No....No one is shooting anyone right now!!"

And Raine slapped Rena. It was a testament to Dustin’s lack of working thought process right now that he didn’t immediately pray for a catfight. He was more thankful that he had another moment of being shot.

Raine kept speaking. She was clearly a panicky mess, much like Dustin himself, not that he’d admit to it. She was having a breakdown and Dustin felt almost bad interrupting her, but hell, not getting shot was a priority right now. He waited for her to fall silent (relatively, at least) and cleared his throat.

“...I’m Dustin Royal. And this wasn’t me. I just came down from the other end of the tunnel. I heard...it sounded like a few people. Some screams. Must’ve been...this.”
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