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That's Just Crazy Talk
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All the murmuring and double talk that came from this group did not surprise Rachel. They were hypocrites, all of them, pretending to be friendly while simultaneously plotting mischief amongst themselves. They would find a special place in purgatory when their time came, but for now, they deserved the truth. What they did with it was their own business, but it was Rachel's solemn duty to proclaim the good news wherever it was needed. And these people needed it. That was certain.

"You people and your mutterings," she said, shaking her head in silent amusement. "I come not to kill, but to save, so you can relax." Her smile widened a little. "Though I must say, chastising someone for defending oneself is very low of you all. Would you rather that I had stood there and let those two men kill me? You would have probably called them murderers as well, and shunned them like the little hypocrites that you are."

Hobbling a little to the side to allow herself some distance from the man with the pistol crossbow, she continued, "But I am not here today to lecture you on morality. Instead, I would ask you to join me, as I am preparing to leave this island, and it would trouble me greatly were even one of you to remain behind when I am taken up to Heaven." She corrected herself a little when it came to people like Marty Lovett, but didn't voice her reason for excluding him out loud. "I regret to say that when I first told this to Mr. Belmont, he tried to kill me, and told me that my faith was false. But I assure you, this is very real. You must follow me, if you want to live."

Bigoted response inbound in 3...2...
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