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Rizzo froze when he noticed one of the girls start to get up. He didn't dare to move - what was she doing? Walking towards him? Why!? She heard him?

His mind raced, not wanting to make a decision on this. Fight or flight, she looked like she was holding a gun. A gun! People were given swords, guns, bigger guns... And he had a fucking boom box. He hadn't even bothered to turn it on and find out what was in the tape deck. What if he never got to find out? What if he was wrong - these two were Players who had kill lists so big, the morning announcement wasn't long enough to fit all the names in?!

"Who's there? We have guns, but we mean-"

Rizzo was shocked by the speaking, but even more surprised by the quite loud 'snap' that caused him to yelp, jump back and fall onto his back.

He did jump, didn't he...?

Why was there a new pain along with the aches and pains of the past few days? And why did he wet himself? He only just went!

He looked down at his leg where the hot prick of pain had begun stabbing. What happened...? He felt his crotch - it was dry. He peed his thigh downwards? How the fuck did he do that? He wasn't exactly hung like a racehorse.

"Wh-what's going on...?" he muttered as his breathing began to come in pants and gasps, touching the painful area. It was hot and sticky - and there was a hole in his pants. "I don't..."

There was a growing, loud throbbing noise in his head and everything was starting to get fuzzy. And he was peeing quite a lot now... No - he was peeing the not-pee, from his thigh. It couldn't be blood... Right?
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