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Can you hear me?
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"Carol... It's okay. I understand."

In spite of herself her smile appeared again.


They were together now. All they needed to do was find everyone else, and find a way out. She was still sure that they were going to be saved. The military knew things by now, and they weren't getting away with this. For Amber, Reika, Paige, Simon, Hermione, and everyone else who had died here, they were going to live. All they needed to do was find a way out.

She was sure they could do it.

They just needed to work together, is all. No problem.

So they should just rest here, then. Go find everyone once morning came.

Simple as that.

A thudding noise came from a distance.

Was that someone else?

Oh god, please be Ben or Jacob or someone else like that. Please!

"Reiko, stay put. I'm going to take a look", she whispered, grabbing her gun off the ground where it lay. Lifting herself off the ground, she went over to where she thought the sound came from.

Was it those bushes?

Okay, see who's there. Then fire on them if they're another attacker.

Now, there are a lot of rules that someone should remember if they are operating a gun, for safety's sake. First, do not keep a loaded gun around without putting the safety on. Second, you must concentrate on where you are pointing it as much as possible. And third? For the love of God, do not place your finger on the trigger unless you are about to shoot something on purpose.

Carol Burke as of right now though, was pretty much breaking all of them right at this moment.

Yes, the gun was loaded. Yes, the safety was off. Yes, Carol was a tired and scared teenage girl, who had been previously shown to have trouble paying attention. And yes, one finger was gently touching the trigger, and with one little pull...

Of course, she didn't know any of this unfortunately.

Her heart started to beat as she held the gun with both hands, one on the handle and the other on the pump. That's how you held it, right? She'd never fired it before, so she had no clue.

As she approached the bush, she pulled the pump back out and in, just in case. Okay, let's just hope she was doing the right thing with this gun.

"Who's there? We have guns, but we mean-"

Her grip was unsteady, and she couldn't concentrate on where to point it. Carol was simply too tired and scared. Oh god, please be someone who could help!

Her trigger finger slipped.

For a second, she heard a loud sound like a small firecracker bursting near her. The gun's recoil pushed it back, causing it to hit Carol's chest and for her to almost drop it. It felt like a large boxer was punching her in the chest!

The good news was that Carol wasn't hurt significantly.

The bad news was that what was on the other side of the bush wasn't so fortunate.

Coming to a V7 near you.
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