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Time to Spare
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'What is this, some sort of convention? What's next? Is Danya himfuckingself going to show up to ask about the unconscious kid?' Michelle thought bitterly to herself as two others showed up. One was some guy yelling about first aid who seemed to know the scared chick, which was perfectly fine and just another cherry to top of the bitch of a time she'd been having so far. The other, though...the other was definitely someone to watch. She definitely recognized the other girl...Rachel Gettys, the preacher around school who managed to be way more annoying in one minute than Michelle would have thought possible. Michelle herself was Christian, but the way Rachel carried on bothered her.

But that wasn't the bad part. The bad part was that Rachel was a known killer on the island. 'Thank...heh, god, that I was paying attention during the announcements. Shit...and here I am without a weapon. Goddammit, if only I had my crowbar still with me...' She ground her teeth together, quickly taking a glance at the others to see if they had made the connection. Joshua didn't seem to connect anything but...'Heh.

The right side of her lips curved into a thin smile as she saw Aston react and move closer to Joshua. It was better than nothing, she supposed...and Aston did have a gun, so if Rachel decided to add to her kill count, she wouldn't be alive for much longer. And it seemed like Anna recognized Rachel as well...at least in terms of "What an asshole". 'There's no way this is going to turn out like at the beach, is it? Naaah...couldn't be.'

Michelle kept her place, though, once again wishing she hadn't lost her weapon as she kept her gaze fixated on Rachel. One wrong move...one wrong move and...well, Michelle wasn't sure what she would do next, but death was not in the picture. "No...like Aston said, he's just unconscious. No one's dead. We're trying to keep it that way..."

"Anyway uh...Anna's got a good idea. I'll help take the bo-Marty, because it was my fault he got in this mess..." She trailed off as she walked next to Marty, passing by Aston as she did so. Her voice dropped to a low whisper. "Gimme my crowbar. Just in case. You know as well as I do that Rachel is crazy...it's best to have a backup plan. Just in case."
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