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(Madeleine Smith continued from...Fuck)

Last night had been a nice change of pace for Madeleine, as it was the first night since coming here that she hadn't felt worried about dying. Sure, she was probably going to be placed on the chopping block the first time she caught sight of somebody, but at least she was nice and rested for her funeral. She even allowed herself a wide contented yawn as she traipsed through the felled forest...and tripped over something. Thinking that she had stepped over a stump by accident, Madeleine prepared to fire off a minor expletive when she turned around and saw what her foot had found. Her prior contentment and satisfaction vanished in an instant.

Bodies. BODIES! They're just...lying here! What...WHY?!

While Madeleine didn't know Vera Osborne's name, the hole through her eye communicated vividly and gruesomely the means by which she had met her end. Skittering away from the body, Maddy placed her back to a nearby stump and held the sides of her head, holding back the dizziness that had suddenly set in. As she shivered in the noonday sun, her mind fought fiercely to prevent her from screaming or passing out, and she forced herself to pay attention to something else. Anything that would put her mind off of the thing she had just witnessed.

It was at that point that she heard a nearby conversation between a number of people. Turning to see where the voices were coming from, she saw a group not that far off, and suddenly had to also fight back the urge to spring up and start running for them, for in that group, she recognized someone very dear to her. Someone who had the very dubious honor of being considered her best friend.

Someone who, if you recall, ditched you the instant that danger struck. Now, what kind of dear friend would do that?

Maddy shook her head. She couldn't allow spite to overcome her any more than fear. Possibly even less so. All the same, the sudden temptation to pull out the loaded and unfolded SMG from her bag was quite compelling. Instead, she simply stepped towards the group and shouted, "Violet! Y-You're okay! Thank goodness!" She accompanied her shouting with waving momentarily before self-consciously withdrawing her hand and shrinking down a little.

As she came close enough to get a better look at the group, she noticed that both Violet and that other guy who had been at the truck (Mike, was it?) were tensed for battle for some reason. Was it because of her, or were the two people who she didn't recognize dangerous somehow? Whatever the case, she stopped a bit of a distance away and reached her hand over to her daypack. "Is, uh...is everything okay?" she asked, getting into a battle stance as well, or at least a close approximation thereof. If something went down, she'd be ready for it, but she hoped that it wouldn't come to that.
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