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((Quincy Jones cont'd from Sunshine, Lollipops and Rainbows...))

He needed a place to sleep. He'd been able to snatch a few short hours in a clearing while Tiffany kept watch before he'd returned the favour, but Quince needed to get some proper rest. Still, he had a duty here. He had to protect Tiffany, and to find Felicia. He had to know what had happened, and to make things right.

The announcement of his actions yesterday were not what he had expected. So, Mike was still alive, and the guy he'd killed was called Max. He didn't worry about that too much, rather about the reactions of the girls. There was also the worry that now more people would be afraid of him.

He was glad to be off the mountain, even though he had nothing resembling a concrete plan. Just an idea to keep moving, keep asking questions, and to take out any threats he came across. Given the way things were going, that pretty much meant everybody. He was still on edge, but had been able to clam down following his confrontation with Bill.

What that meant was that he'd spent the better part of the night alone with Tiffany, uncertain of their relationship. He thought he'd gotten a vibe off of her, one that suggested she was into him. Then again, if she wasn't, then he didn't want to assault her. Either way, the ball was in her court. If she was going to be backward about coming forward, then he wouldn't worry about it.

What he was worried about was the lack of cover they had at the moment. The trees in this area had all been chopped down, so he was wandering through a sea of stumps. The ground was rough, but open. Hard going and easy for them to be spotted, but by the same token, harder to be ambushed.

Case in point. After a short time, he heard someone shouting and wailing. A quick jog in their direction, and he saw the figure. Mia Kuiper, foreign chick. He'd seen her around, and figured physically she posed no threat. He turned to his companion. "She's there. No visible threat. You know her? How do you want to play this?"
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