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How cute.
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[All GMing approved by Little.]

Looks like Jimmy was a bit more than a little wound up already, certainly more than Alex expected. Then again, what else would he really expect? This was Jimmy Brennan after all, Alex knew exactly what would happen if he taunted and antagonized him. Course, maybe that was exactly what he wanted; he'd spent most of his time on this island fighting, so who better to pick a fight with than Jimmy fucking Brennan? A fight seemed to be exactly what he wanted since that incident at the beach, wanting someone to take out some of that pent up anger on. Yeah... a fight would be perfect. Oh look, Jimmy wanted a fight too.

Perhaps if he wasn't intent on fighting Jimmy, Alex would have paid a bit more attention to Isaiah's comments. Then again, listening to someone spout biblical passages wasn't exactly high on his list of things he'd enjoy doing even when he wasn't on an island being forced to fight for his life, so maybe it was for the best that he didn't really listen to Isaiah. No, his focus was on Jimmy and Jimmy alone, at least for the moment. He listened to his ranting and his raving, his shouting and his swearing and the shear amount of curses thrown about.

Jimmy Brennan had issues. Then again, everyone probably has more than a few issues now.

"Yeah? Well I hate you t--"

He didn't really expect Jimmy to make the first strike; really, who would? Jimmy was never much of a fighter, he just got people mad and usually was the first one to go down. At least that's how he was being remembered as. Really though, who would expect Jimmy to throw the first punch and actually make contact? And who would have guessed that a pissed off Jimmy Brennan could actually do some damage?


Tossing his torch off to the side, Alex threw back a few blows of his own and the fight escalated from there. Sure, neither of them were focusing much, both of their tempers were running very, very high, too high to think straight about a fight. They traded a few blows and got a bit more than a little bloody, but the fight continued for only a short time before one of them came out ahead. It wasn't exactly surprising to see Alex coming out ahead of Jimmy when the fight was winding down; he was almost a foot taller and more than 40lbs heavier than Jimmy, not to mention stronger. Despite the difference though, neither of them seemed to have escaped the fight without at least a few cuts and bruises and a bloody nose or two.

But the fight had to come to an end eventually and there had to be a victor.

"You're mine now!"

With a vice-like grip on Jimmy's wrist, Alex tripped up the smaller boy and sent him to the ground, twisting his arm and pinning him down in the dirt.

"And you're going to answer a question for me."

He pulled on Jimmy's arm to get his attention... well, to get him to shut up and listen, to be exact. Profanities weren't the answers he was looking for.

"Now, you'll tell me if you've seen Andrea."

...more profanity, huh?

"Fuck it."

There was only one way Alex was going to shut Jimmy up now and that was to knock his ass out. So, with one last solid punch, that is exactly what he intended on doing.

Of course, Alex and Jimmy weren't alone. Maybe Isaiah would have the answers he was looking for. Yeah, maybe... or maybe not. Who cares. If he got in another fight... well, that would be just fine.

"...Isaiah, right?"

Alex stood up and wiped a bit of blood from his nose.

"Want to answer a question for me?"

I've really lost it, haven't I?
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