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Ask me about Transformers The Movie Abridged!
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Rizzo walked out of the tree line and slowed down his walking speed. He didn't want to make too much noise...

He looked around the greens and heard voices. Two girl voices... Who was it? Frightened girls? Janet, maybe? Janet looking for a strong, friendly shoulder to cry on?

And when she laughed at his offer, then what?

He sighed and headed towards the voices. He needed to at least spy on them - find out if they were killers or just lesbians.

Lesbians... If only. And if only he felt up to it. He figured that, even with the deadliness of their situation, that he'd have had at least one unintended erection from a tree shaped like breasts, or a rock that reminded him of his one night of sex...

He was hidden behind a bush and couldn't really hear what they were saying, so he put his bags down and carefully moved closer. Just a few words such as 'we did not kill anyone, ever' and he'd pipe up.
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