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"Sure thing, Dog Moon."
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Alan Rickhall continued from Heartbeat Symphony))

Alan was getting sick of walking. It seemed all he did was walk, stop, panic, repeat. Alan was supposed to be sticking a metaphorical knife in Mr. Danya's eye, how was he going to do that like this? Danya had already taken one (probably) loyal member of the movement. Alan would have to get to the possible members before the Turned get them. But that was obviously easier said then done. A loud whining noise spilled out from the loudspeaker nearby, and the puppet master spoke once again. This time Alan gave no attempt to avoid listening to the announcement.

"First up, yet another waste of time decided to opt out, Hermione Miller making it easier on all the rest of you by setting off her own collar. Guess she won't be appearing in any more photo-shoots anytime soon.

So people were prepared to kill themselves over turning to Mr. Danya's puppetry. Alan didn't know any such person as Hermione Miller, but whoever she was, Alan suddenly held a lot of respect for her brave decision, if only he had met her, she would have wanted to join the movement... Probably...

But it was silly to find supporters in people who were already dead. The announcement continued.

"Brock Mason finally found a gun that he could operate…

It was Brock! They had logged and tagged his death already, Alan hadn't been aware of the full extent of how well the cameras covered the island. That thought alone seemed terrifying.

…although too bad for him it was pointing in the wrong direction. Seventeenth to be fitted for a coffin was Dominic…

That was it?! Just a small joke and on to the next person? Is that really how heartless Mr. Danya was? Not even naming his assailant? Alan supposed it was better then letting the turned get publicity for taking an innocent human life. But it was sick. Alan was once again exposed to the full extent of Danya's puppetry. He was a soulless man, who's only desire was sit back and watch his human toys defeat each other. And the one who was left? No better in Danya's eye. Whether you were Remi Pierce or Adam Dodd, you were just a living straw doll to Danya. Alan chewed this thought over for a minute.

Realised where he and Jimmy were. They were right back in the destroyed forest; the sea of decaying tree stumps surrounded Alan. Then he noticed the group ahead of him and ducked down behind a tree stump. He was getting used to this procedure of hiding when he and Jimmy encountered people. He beckoned to Jimmy.

"Jimmy, look over there." He whispered. "There's some people over there, do you think they've turned, or are they like us. But you know what? I'm tired of hiding in places and putting you in danger like this, I'm going across with you." Alan got to his feet and started walking a few steps, then stopped nervously. "It's just… Can you go ahead of me, I'll be right here behind you, I promise." Alan smiled nervously.
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