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Someone was coming. Celeste straightened up further, looking like there was a yardstick down her shirt and she was nailed to it, the way she stood. Allowing a tense, though somewhat-friendly smile to appear on her lips, she jogged forward. "Ah, thank God... Was afraid I lost ya for--wait." She stopped at the same time the other person did, and though it was dark, Celeste could still see that this was not Kayla.

"Damn..." she grumbled. Well, it wasn't so bad. This chick was still a person, a potential bodyguard of sorts--

"Welcome. I am Pandora Black. I've been trying to keep the records of the beast's game. Would you, perhaps, like to write a letter home?"

"Wait...what?" Celeste asked incredulously, squinting at the girl and tilting her head. What...who? She didn't remember a Pandora Black in any of her classes--a name like that, that sounded like either a video-game slut or a porn star, of course she would have remembered her. And...oh God, she sounded like a video-game character, too. "What do you want me to write with?" Celeste couldn't help snapping, though she tried to keep her irritation in check. "I got no pencils, pens, no pin to prick a finger with--a letter home would have to be mailed out, how the hell do you expect to do that?!" She leaned forward, squinting at the paper for more writing...damn tunnels made it hard to see if there was any, though.

"Top of everything else, I can't see... How can I see what I'm doing, huh?" she added, in a slightly softer, though still frustrated, voice.

There was one thing though...Celeste managed another little smile at this thought--calling this situation "The Beast's Game" was kinda cool. Props to Pandora for that.
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