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((Mia Kuiper continued from Heartbeat Symphony))

That morning as the sun rose and the announcements declared the dawn of day four Mia had removed herself from the Ranger Station bed, checked her map, and made a decision. She based this decision on a number of premises.

a) The Ranger Station was kind of tacky.

b) It didn't give her the tactical suppremacy her rifle afforded.

c) Living in a lighthouse would be so, so romantic.

She wasn't sure what it was, whether its association with the seaside; its metaphorical possibilities as a beacon, or the Rapunzelian appeal of living in a tower, but regardless of the reason she had her new goal. And so, almost before the announcements had finished, she began her pilgrimage.

That was several hours before now. She'd walked another kilometre or five, her legs were hurting even more than they had the day before, and not that anyone besides herself probably cared, but she was really starting to pong. Four days away from a bath were taking their toll. The lighthouse would be by the sea (duh.), and once she'd taken up residence she could go wash herself in the waves.

And then she could read, and sit at the top of the tower beside that great big lantern and it would be glorious and "ack!"

The tree trunk she'd just stumbled over broke her out of her daydream. There were way too many tree trunks in this place. Okay, so the Felled Forest was basically all tree trunks and she'd have been worried if it weren't but for goodness' sake it was starting to grate with her.

She lashed out at the trunk she'd stumbled over with her foot, hitting it with a dull thud. It didn't cheer her up nearly as much as she'd hoped. So as a second resort she shouted as well.

"Fine! Whatever! Be solid and impervious! You're already dead so it's not like it matters!"

Screaming didn't help much either, frankly, but it was still a little more effective. She decided to pursue that solution more fully. Well, not decide, but she did give another gutteral wail of botanical frustration before she started considering walking again.

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