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Reiko stopped her jumping jacks quickly after she started, not wanting to hurt herself in some foolish manner. Carol started rambling about something or other, saying sorry and stuff. She almost sounded cute, stuttering and saying how she'd protect her and everything. Poor little Carol Burke, she really thought she could help. The sentiment was touching, but it didn't matter to Reiko. Carol had run out on one friend, what's to stop her from doing it again? Trust only made you vulnerable in this game. Then again, who said anything about trusting? It would be nice to have someone to watch her back.

"Carol... It's okay. I understand." Reiko didn't quite know what she was saying, but it sounded sincere enough. Carol was probably the only person left on the island who didn't think she was a raving lunatic, no sense in chasing her away. Then again, maybe she just wanted to lure her in. Of all of her friends, Reiko knew Carol the least, although at this point the ones she knew the most had long since died. Not that she would have trusted those two gossips anyways.

The small girl found herself in a bit of a predicament. Having someone to look after you and help you out would be nice, on the other hand Reiko was quickly learning to trust no one. Or course, Carol wasn't going to leave, which meant Reiko would have to do something... drastic to scare her off. If she wanted to. She didn't know yet... Carol was nice... but was she trust worthy? She... didn't know yet, she needed more time to think. For now though, she would keep the girl around.
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