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The faceless fear
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Meredith sidled forward until she could see Celeste's outline in the darkness. She'd been walking in a straight line from where she was and her eyes had adjusted to the dark somewhat. She wouldn't have a problem exiting the tunnels later, she thought.

She shuddered, holding her baton in front of her, her shiv neatly tucked away in some part of the jacket for now, point down so that she could grab it by the hilt. Not that she cared if she cut her fingers on it if she had to use it. It wasn't so sharp that it would slice anything open without a proper slicing motion anyway - she'd tested it on some of her other clothes first.

Still, she didn't want to be evil. Maybe this girl would actually do the right thing for once. Maybe she'd write in the notebook. Then, Meredith wouldn't have to kill her. She reached into another pocket with her left hand, pulling out the ring-bound "Sandman's death" notebook and holding it out in front of her.

"Welcome. I am Pandora Black. I've been trying to keep the records of the beast's game. Would you, perhaps, like to write a letter home?" she said, a faint smile on her face.

She held the book out in front of her, pushing it towards Celeste. As she did so, her fingers clutched her baton tightly.
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