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And now, suddenly, people were coming out of the woodwork. Two days entirely on his own and here he sat down for five minutes to appreciate a gorgeous sunrise and people were suddenly showing up. Vivien wasn’t quite sure how he felt about this. On one hand, being alone was boring. On the other hand, not being alone was far more likely to result in his untimely and surely unattractive demise.

First, there was a girl. A girl who spontaneously announced herself when she was this close and very nearly made Vivien drop a shoe.

In fact, it did make him lose a shoe. His glorious red pump- the left one, the one that had a very specific nick in it from when he’d nearly fallen his first time walking in them- fell, as though in slow motion. It hit the water with a muted splash and Vivien immediately hated this girl, whoever he was. He kicked the other pump into the water, feeling rather silly sitting there with a single heel, and turned around, wanting nothing more to throw this infuriating person into the water. If nothing else, she’d be able to retrieve his shoes.

Sofia Martelli. He knew the name because he knew all the names, though he’d never paid much attention to her before. She was pretty in a sort of masculine way and she certainly could use some fashion advice, which in any other circumstance he’d be more than willing to give. She also seemed to know his name, not that that was surprising. Vivien Morin was unmistakable. Unmistakably gorgeous, that is.

Maybe I could make an ally out of her...? She seems like a tough little thing, with that...is that a lead pipe? Oh, did everyone get an actual weapon except me? Well, at any rate, she’d do as a sort of bodyguard. An odd sort, I suppose, but a bodyguard nonetheless.

She’d asked questions. Several questions. Why he was alone, if he’d seen Colin (Colin...that musician boy? Didn’t he kill someone...?), what he’d got...what he’d got. Vivien silently thanked whatever beautiful deity had led him to leave his newly-found gun in his bag, and led him to keep that Venus de Milo statuette.

“I’m alone because I haven’t run into anyone I trust farther than I could throw them. Which isn’t very far, I suspect,” he said with a charming smile. “And no, I’m afraid I haven’t seen Colin. You’re the first person I’ve seen in days, in fact.”

“And as for a weapon...”

He pulled the statuette from his bag. No need for anyone to know he was well-armed. Far better to being a damsel in distress than a hero. After all, no one expects a damsel in distress to shoot you in the back of the head when you’re not looking.

“Danya apparently decided that this qualifies as a weapon,” Vivien whined, mentally congratulating himself on a fabulous performance. “He probably picked it out specifically to mock me. Poor Viv, all alone with his Venus de Milo, indeed...”

...And then his performance was interrupted by a voice. Another female voice. Not one he recognized, to his dismay- where were his friends when he needed them? -but still, a girl would be slightly less likely to shoot him on sight. He hoped, at least. Besides, the fact that she was calling out was encouraging. Either she was trusting, or she was stupid.

Essentially the same thing.

Saying "hey" back would be undignified. He settled for a lingering "Hello?" which would hopefully be enough to draw this girl out of the woods where she'd undoubtedly been hiding.
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