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God was telling you "not yet".
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Just as they were beginning to relax, and open up that sweet, delicious dip, someone came out of the woodwork to remind them that this wasn't the time nor the place to stop and have a picnic.

Aww, come onnnn. Really? Now? I just wanted to eat something nice.

Sighing, Violet shoved the jar back into Trent's bag, fastening it tightly to make sure it didn't fall back out again, while Mike huffed to his feet. The girl seemed friendly enough; they'd both seen her around school, generally being pleasant and god-bothery, but out here in the forest of the dead, it was so much harder to know for sure.

They watched as she rambled up towards them, unarmed and slightly wild, but otherwise they had to admit - she looked harmless.

"Can I come over?"

The two of them exchanged nervous glances. Could they trust her? What if she was hiding something? A weapon? Another lipstick gun... They couldn't take the risk, not now. It was just too strange for someone to be this open, to show themselves in broad daylight. Violet couldn't work it out, and by the look on Mike's face, neither could he. So, he did the only thing he could think of, reaching for his flail before raising it up beside his head. He didn't want to appear menacing, just scary enough that she'd stop where she was. This wasn't the time for playing nice, not when people were getting killed.

"Hold it - just stay right there."

His voice wavered a little; he wasn't used to ordering people about. Then again, he wasn't used to a lot of this. Luckily, Violet took a stand behind him, slipping her hand into her pocket, around her blowtorch. She didn't bring it out, only held it. Now the two of them stood together, ready to defend themselves against any sneak attacks Jessie might try on them.

Violet spoke:

"We're not looking for any trouble, okay? If you're gonna try and kill us, be ready 'cause we'll fight."

"Yeah, you can count on that."

She glanced up at Mike, who glanced right back at her. They weren't killers, but they both knew what they had to do to survive out here; to protect themselves until they got the hell away. That was all they needed to do, right? Good. Simple.

"Hey! Courtney Bradley!"

So very simple.

They turned quickly, with Mike's weapon still high in the air, and saw one of the few people Violet didn't actually get on with at Bayview. Courtney hadn't done anything wrong to her, but the two just never seemed to click, and every conversation they had ended up being long and awkward for the both of them. If ever there was a time for such a meeting, right now was most certainly not it.

"H-hey, stay right there!" Violet called out, hoping to stop her from getting any closer. She was hesitant to pull out her weapon - after all, the Brit could've had something much deadlier than a bottle of sparks. Back-to-back with her partner, who now faced Jessie alone, they stood their ground against the newcomers, hoping that they'd take the hint and leave without a fuss.

"Look, we're not gonna hurt you, and we hope you feel the same, but be warned: try anything funny and we'll defend ourselves. You got that?"

Mike echoed her sentiment.

"You too, Jessie. I'm sorry, but... I don't wanna die."
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