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Can you hear me?
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At her question Reiko rose to her feet, and started speaking, saying she was fine.

And, to prove her point, she started doing jumping jacks.

Carol couldn't help but give a sad smile. Oh Reiko. Really, what was there to expect from her? In a way, it was kind of entertaining to see her do jumping jacks like this in spite of her condition.

And yet...

Carol couldn't help but think that Reiko didn't trust her.

This entire time, it was as if she was trying to avoid her. Why? They were friends... right? There was nothing for them to be worried about. It wasn't as if she was just some random stranger off the street. She was Carol Burke. They knew each other from school. They hung out together all the time.

Plus, Reiko needed her rest. There was no need for her to tire herself out further. Though, it was nice to see she was in better condition, of course.

She wanted to say something to her. Carol obviously knew that Reiko had killed. But that wasn't her Reiko, or Ben's Reiko, or Jacob's Reiko, or Reika's Reiko, or Paige's Reiko, or Amber's Reiko, or Sarah's Reiko. Reiko was most probably scared, like everyone else was. They probably attacked her, for whatever reason. She knew Reiko to be a good person, there was no reason for her to kill in cold blood. Carol always had good things to say about her to her friends back home. She didn't want Reiko to think she hated her, did she?

"Reiko..." she started.

What would get Reiko to stop distrusting her?

"I'm sorry."

Her smile remained.

"I just want you to know... you're a good friend of mine. I've never had anything bad to say about you that I can think of."

A pause. Deep breath.

"You don't have to... you know... if someone attacks us, I can fight them off. You don't have to fight, not... not any..."

Carol looked down on the ground. Damn it, none of them deserved to be here. They could have been at the campsite, talking as normal. The worse thing that would've happened was that they got bug bites. Everyone would have been friends again. Reika, Paige, and Amber would have still been alive. So would have been Simon and Hermione. It wasn't fair. Not only was Danya responsible for her friends' and classmates' deaths, but he was tearing them apart emotionally as well.

A tremble passed through her body as her smiled faded.

"I'm sorry."

She had no clue was she was apologizing so much. If she didn't know any better, she would have stood up and hugged Reiko, right at this moment. She knew she couldn't, shouldn't do that.

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