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it was a graveyard smash
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Tim seemed quite relieved that Jacob thanked him, and after a moment's pause, even supposed that he could walk on his injured leg. Tim smiled slightly and realized that everything was going to be okay. Jacob was much more calmed down than yesterday, and his leg definitely seemed out of the danger zone. Maybe Colin and Tim just gained themselves a new ally? This boy seemed nice enough, if not a little emotionally unstable. Then again, Tim supposed everyone's emotions were a little whack on the island.

He wasn't prepared for Jacob to try to stand, and Tim immediately held out his hands. "Whoa, wait-" But it seemed to be okay. The boy succeeded in maintaining balance, so Tim said no more. Just as he thought, everything would be okay. He returned to a seating position and went on to apologize and explain everything. Tim listened patiently, his hands resting on his knees.

It was heart-wrenching, that was for sure. Tim bit his lip and stared at Jacob with a very sympathetic look on his face. It was sad. It was so damn sad that two people, so in love with each other, had to be forced apart by some angry guy with a gun. He mentally noted that this 'Rob Jenkins' was someone to watch out for. Did he know the guy? Probably seen him once or twice, but a face wasn't coming to mind. Regardless...

"I'm really sorry about Paige, Jacob. It's.. this island, this game.. it's tearing everything to pieces." He paused. He wanted to add something like, 'At least she's in a better place', or 'at least she wouldn't have to experience anymore of this hellish game,' but he thought it wouldn't go over well. Maybe there is no heavenly life after death. And surely Jacob would rather have Paige alive than dead.

But everyone had to die. Everyone other than one lucky bastard, of course. That lucky person, the fittest in this game of survival, would get one prize that no one else would -- life. And would it even be worth it after everyone in your senior class was dead? After everyone you ever knew and loved, gone in the matter of a week or two?

"Don't think about the 'ifs.' It's not your fault. That Rob guy is the one who shot her." He would have added more, but everything else that he relayed in his mind just sounded tasteless. He looked over at Colin and listened as his friend also added something comforting. Tim nodded, looked back at Jacob and said, "Exactly."

Thank God Colin was here. Tim wasn't sure what he would have done if he was forced to deal with Jacob alone.

Tim's heart dropped as Colin opened his mouth and started to talk about what happened back in the tunnels. "C-Colin, y-you.." he stuttered, but it was too late. He was deep in his tale of Tony's untimely death. He hung his head and resisted the urge to plug his ears and go 'Lalalalala I CAN'T HEAAR YOU,' because that's what he wanted to do.

"You didn't have to say anything, Colin," Tim stated, looking over at Jacob with a look that said, 'it's not his fault, so don't try anything funny or throw accusations.' Or.. that's what he thought his look conveyed, anyway. "Besides, I don't want to open an old can of worms here, but I surely doubt Tony.." He paused and shook his head. Didn't want to say it. Didn't want to upset Colin and say anything that seemed slightly off-color. It wasn't the time to discuss the past anyway. It was gone and over.

Tim instinctively picked up his gun from the grass and tucked it into the waistband of his jeans. Tony had to die for this thing, so he figured he'd keep it safe.

Tim looked at Colin and Jacob. He felt bad. Both the boys had been through such traumatizing situations. Colin had to kill and Jacob had to watch his beloved die right in front of him. Tim had been spared the pain of watching Colin kill Tony, so, as it presently stood, Tim hadn't seen a single scarring thing. He felt weird, like he should have some emotional story to tell.

But he didn't. He was just plain old Tim, like usual. That would never change.

Tim stood up and grabbed his stuff, throwing his bag over his shoulder. "I'm ready to go whenever you guys are. Just say the word." He was trying to usher Colin and Jacob along, trying to get them to stop telling such somber and depressing stories. He wanted to keep going. He wanted everyone to stop looking back and thinking 'If, if, if'.

But the past was all they had because there wasn't much of a future left. It was something that Tim had yet to realize.
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