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((Kayla McArthur continued from Living in The Aftermath))

Kayla was lost. She couldn't remember exactly when she had lost sight of Celeste. She assumed it was somewhere around here, when she had tripped, nearly stabbed herself on her sword, and looked up in time to see Celeste run into the tunnels. That was a fairly safe assumption. Adrenaline and fear had spurred Celeste further onward, ignoring Kayla's yells. Had it not been for the fact that Kayla had twisted her ankle, she would have been up immediately and sprinting to catch up, but....

So now, with her ankle throbbing and unable to run, Kayla limped through the dark tunnels, listening closely. Calling out was a dangerous thing to do right now, despite the fact that she was unlikely to find Celeste without sound. She had also elected to avoid using her flash light for as long as possible. So far that had earned her two banged knees and a scraped shin, but she was starting to get used to the darkness.

Wait. What was that?

She had hear her name, yelled out from somewhere up ahead. It had sounded like Celeste, although the darkness seemed to distort sounds. The smallest footfall sounded like the step of a giant. Still, Kayla was on the right track, hopefully.

Unfortunately, no other yells came from ahead. Kayla, still nervous about other people being around, didn't call out in reply. She merely continued walking forward.
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