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((Janet Claymont continued from Star-Crossed Lover))

God only knew why she had decided to come back up here.

Maybe it's because it was the place that stuck out most in her memory; maybe she thought she'd find his corpse here; maybe she wanted to run into Imraan again (He had a shotgun, after all). Whatever the reason, Janet was back at the cliffs.

She had to mind her steps extremely carefully on her way back up: she was missing two vital pieces of information from her map, and there was no way she could risk stepping into a danger zone; except for the first few minutes where she had forgotten the dangerous lack of knowledge, she had had to keep an eye open for anyone else in the area to show that it was safe, or any sign someone had been through recently. She wasn't an expert in navigation, but by the grace of that thing she refused to call luck she had avoided death at the hands of explosive decapitation.

The sound of waves crashing against the cliffs rebounded throughout as she moved closer and closer, a cool breeze wafting in the air; it clashed with her situation.

What was her situation now?

Chadd was still dead, and she was still on the island; what reason did she have to live? Her brother, he had told her, sure that was true, but it felt like an empty reason to keep going. She had to look after her brother, but her situation was just so hopeless...

The cliffs looked almost inviting.

Blinking back to reality, she shook her head hard at that terrible thought: she wasn't going to jump off the cliffs to her doom. She had to survive, by whatever means necessary, if not for Chadd then for her brother. She had to live so that he'd be able to see her again.

She turned aside and started walking, looking away from the roaring ocean. For a while she wandered around, scouring the area for any sign of Imraan, though the chances of him returning to a place he was almost shot didn't really cross her mind. There wasn't any sign of him though,and she began to consider looking somewhere else for him, but before she could decide on it she finally spotted two small figures in the distance. At her distance it was impossible to make them out as anything more than human, so she began her approach.

She jogged quickly, too reckless to think about stealth, instead wondering about the two mystery figures in her mind. Instead of considering whether or not they'd be trying to kill her, however, Janet was just focused on who these people were. If they were someone she knew she'd have an easier time finding out the details she wanted, and if not then odds were they'd know her, and would gladly hand over the information. She was a pretty well known girl in her opinion, after all.

Besides, meeting anyone right now was better than just wandering around on her own for hours on end.

Slowing down to a walk as she finally neared them, she eyed the two girlish figures facing away from her. She couldn't really recognise either of them, unfortunately, so she'd have to rely on them knowing her.

"Hey." she uttered, but her voice caught in her throat, barely even able to hear it herself. For some reason, she was hesitant

Shaking her head and swallowing the word, she clenched her fist and spoke again.

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