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[[John Smith continued from Living In The Aftermath]]

John stumbled, almost hitting most of the trees he passed.

He'd stopped running and had a fitful sleep for a few hours in the night, but he hadn't been thinking straight since he ran from the Sawmill.

"Probably dead now..." he muttered, his clothes drenched with sweat. Tiredness racked his body and he couldn't stop thinking of what that girl screamed at him.

"Don't just sit there, come and help me." - then die when whoever he shot died as some sort of retribution? That's why he had to run.

He couldn't be responsible for killing someone! He even relocated worms he accidentally dug up in his parents garden! Sure, he shot whoever it was, but that was by accident!

He looked down at the shotgun in his hand, the weight of the two bags on his back now forgotten. He hadn't had anything to eat or drink since before the 'incident', so he still had most of what was in the daypack. Less one round of ammunition, he thought grimacing at himself.

He tripped and fell to his knees, his limbs feeling very heavy. His clothes were filthy and he was definitely dehydrated - he'd stopped sweating quite as much. This was probably a good way to lose weight...

He looked up at the trees ahead which were thinning. He could hear the ocean crashing against cliffs. It wasn't a beach and he didn't know how high they were, but if he stayed here - nobody could get up behind him and kill him. He'd be safe... He got up and glanced behind himself as he walked towards the cliiftops.
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