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She didn't hear a response--didn't see anyone either. Damn it! she thought, curling her hands into fists again. She'd gone and lost her only companion in this game, the only person who could watch her back--the only person who had a weapon at the moment, considering...

It's a lose-lose scenario, looks like, Celeste couldn't help but think to herself as she leaned forward, hands against the cool wall of the tunnel, fingers digging into it. Breathing heavily in anger, trying to calm down some, she rested her forehead against the wall now. I left the hammer, guess that's okay, cuz it woulda slowed me down and I'd end up with a cap in my skull...On the other hand, now i can't defend myself. Yeah, the thing was heavy, but Celeste could have lifted it. She thought.

Yeah, she could have, if she had enough adrenaline.

"Fuck my life," she grumbled, beating her head against the wall, trying to calm the pounding in her head as her heart beat faster. No use getting too angry...she'd turn around, go back for Kayla, regroup...they'd be safe. All she had to do was turn around and go back the way she came.

A task that was easier said than done, she realized as she lifted her head away, eyes adjusted enough to see that she was well and truly lost. The tunnels formed a maze of sorts, it was easy to get lost if you had no map, didn't make a trail. And Celeste, frightened as she'd been, hadn't thought of either. She'd just ran for it, taking each turn as it came to her.


Nothing to do now but...at least try. Celeste shoved herself away from the wall, walking in the other direction, grumbling angrily. It was okay, though...she was safe in the tunnels. No one would stupid enough to come in there.

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