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The faceless fear
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((Meredith continued from http://s10.zetaboards.com/SOTF_V2/topic/7298468/3/))

A day had passed since Meredith took her bath in the stream and when she'd had her moment with Thea and Evie. The rest of that day seemed rather dull and hazy in comparison.

She returned to the mirror house to get some fresh clothing. More importantly, she'd picked up one of the longer shards of mirror and wrapped the base with one of her shirts to form a shiv. She'd tested the edge with her fingers and it had sliced through her skin quite neatly. As soon as she was done, she'd realised that she had no bread or water and no way to replenish them. She headed for the tunnels soon after, seeing them as a way to keep out of sun, and had spent the rest of the day sleeping. She hadn't gone far into them, since she didn't want to get lost.

She was awake now and thinking through the day's events. Even now, she still wasn't quite sure what had happened between her and Evie. She remembered hitting Thea with the baton, remembering how good it felt that for once in her life, all eyes were on her and nobody else.

Was she evil?

The beast wanted to eat. It had made a game to get its food. Feeding the beast had felt so good. She'd never experienced a rush quite like that before.

Was she evil?

Meredith wasn't sure. She felt a little guilty that she didn't feel guilty at all. Thea deserved to be hit. Hitting Thea had made her smile. Hitting Thea felt right.

Was she evil?

Meredith didn't have an answer, but she wanted to feel that beautiful feeling again. Besides, she wouldn't be evil if the person getting hit this time fully deserved it just like Sofia, Evie and Thea did.

Somewhere further down the tunnels, she heard a voice call out for someone. She recognised it. Celete Beaumont.

Meredith grinned and walked towards the source of the sound, her weapon at the ready.
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