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The girl with dyed hair began telling her side of the story, pointing out that the other girl had been waving her gun around saying that she was going to live because she had a weapon. It was starting again, they were going to go into the "You suck, no you suck" mentality once more.

Sighing, Chase placed her head against the willow tree again. Retro-Guy seemed unsure, not knowing the answer to whether or not Marty was going to be okay. Just before she placed her head against the bark she could see Spiky-Head looking over him, moving his head around for a better look. Retro-Guy was rambling on about torture and killing and how people wouldn't do that back at Bayview.

A voice.

Chase lifted her head off the bark once more. Australian accent? That could be either Brendan... oh god, was he here? No, it didn't sound like him that much. She couldn't help but feel a small pang of disappointment once she quickly realized it. But, after looking at the source of the noise, she saw that it was that guy she met the other day. Ben, that was his name, right? He made it out okay. That was a relief. Though she was going to have to be just as careful with him like she was with the others now. She never actually saw him hurt anyone, but let's face it, a guy pointing a paintball gun at you isn't exactly a good way to meet someone.

But, she smiled at him. Just to be friendly. And the fact that he was still alive was, to be fair, actually kind of a relief.

However, those few seconds of relief quickly came to an end.

A new voice.

Oh no. She recognized that voice.

Chase turned her head and saw that her fears had been confirmed.

Rachel Gettys.

Now, Chase never knew her that well, but she knew one thing; she wasn't at all a nice person. She wasn't simply just cruel, either; she used God as an excuse to be cruel. Her so-called religion and the fact that she was wealthy made her see everyone else as lowly, apparently.

She was pretty sure that she had killed too, didn't she? Her name had been on the announcements, that she could vaguely remember. Obviously, if she wasn't dead and talking to them, that meant one other possibility, and it wasn't good.

Oh, and for bonus points? Chase was pretty much everything that her so-called "God" would have nightmares over.

She clenched one hand as her heart started to race again.

And it wasn't as if Rachel was alone, either. She could see some guy... crawling on the ground like an army commando for some reason? At first she thought he was with Rachel, but he honestly didn't look like the type to hang around her. Wait a second... wasn't it that Jake Crimson guy? That sounded like a silly name, but what the hell was he doing? He definitely wasn't with Rachel, though.

Chase opened and closed her mouth, trying to figure out what to say. Oh god, what were Rachel and Jake doing here? Were they attracted by the noise?

Retro-Guy and Spiky-Head seemed to attempt to handle it, though, mostly by saying he was just hurt. Then again, Rachel might react by putting a bullet in his head like in those old war movies. Chase furrowed her brow, trying to figure out what to do.

Spiky-Head started to whisper to them. Saying that Rachel was most definitely psycho. Saying that she wasn't crazy. Saying that she and the other girl didn't seem like someone who could defend themselves.

So that was it.

She was pathetic.

She didn't have any weapons, or any survival skills, or charisma, or intelligence. She was just... a crybaby. That's it. All she did while she was on the island was cry. Crying made her look weak, and she didn't like it. When Nancy showed up? All she did was cry and struggle as she was being dragged away. And when Rasputin showed up? Crying and hiding, both times. She only sat there when they were having that argument on the beach, too. She wasn't a hero. She couldn't defend herself. She was quite literally worthless. She couldn't even do something about Rachel.

Could she?

What could she do, though?

What answers were there?

It wasn't as if she had any ways to help...

But she had to do something. She wasn't going to be weak once more. Now was her chance, if ever, to actually be strong. She could do something if she really could, wasn't she? She wasn't that useless, right?

That's when it hit her. She could easily find a reason for them to leave the area without Rachel and Jake suspecting anything. Just have them come up with a reason to leave quietly, and move on to someplace safer. No fighting was necessary now. Sure, it was still running away, but it was something at the very least.

And finally, Chase found out what she wanted to say.

"Hey guys..." she spoke, her voice coming out hesitantly. "Maybe we could like... put water over his head or something? There's a str-stream nearby, so perhaps... maybe we could go further upstream and... I dunno, put water on him? Perhaps that would wake him up."

She turned to walk in the other direction, but looked over her shoulder. "It's worth a shot?"

God, she hoped they got the cue to leave. That girl made it pretty clear, after all, that it wasn't a good idea to stay around Rachel. She just gave them an excuse to leave without raising any eyebrows.

But what if Rachel followed them?

What to do then?

Well, deal with leaving first.

Coming to a V7 near you.
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