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"That’s not a prediction, that’s a spoiler.”
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Zach didn't have a response for that. He wasn't fishing for compliments but he wasn't exactly NOT fishing for them. It was strange. It wasn't like Zach would actually care if Mizore didn't like him. Even so, he hoped that Mizore had a positive opinion about him. That it wasn't a relationship akin to a flak vest and a chest. Fuck, she sounded mad. Oooo, scary. Zach just stopped thinking about it altogether. He shut himself off. Blah blah blah you're not killing me blah blah blah. What the fuck ever. It was only a fucking question. He tried to think of something else.

... well. Looks like Sam didn't get herself killed. Yet.

Wonder where she was.

Was someone watching him right now?

Probably not. Who the fuck would miss Zach Jamis? King of the assholes.

... Maybe Lacy. Yeah, maybe Lacy.

Zach only had a second girlfriend. At least the chick liked to call herself his girlfriend. Her name was Chloe and they only lasted for seven days. Their relationship consisted of Chloe hitting on Zach and Zach just pretending she wasn't there. Chloe accidentally rubbing herself against Zach. Zach sneering. Yeah, that brought back memories that he wished he hadn't conjured up. He did scream pretty loudly at her. Maybe Chloe was glad he was on here. Just another log on the fire.

He never liked Chloe though. Whore. Lacy though. Damn. At the risk of sounding like a sadistic bastard, he kinda wished she were here right now.

He finally noticed the newcomer. Mizore seemed to be all too willing to let the other girl in. On the other hand, Zach had never seen Kari before in his entire life. He knew this for a fact. She had red hair and green eyes. How the hell could you forget that? Zach never looked to broaden his social circle. He was perfectly happy just ignoring his classmates. Mizore and Sam were the exceptions. Dustin Royal was a fluke. So yeah, when he saw Pippi Longstocking he didn't know a damn thing about her. Frankly he didn't WANT to know a damn thing about her. Even the machine gun didn't phase him. It was as if she were holding a PEZ gun.

Zach just sighed. He looked at Kari and gave her a hearty, warm welcome.


Yeah, welcome home champ. We're happy to have you. Zach turned away and just zoned out again.

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