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Ridley was blinded by the sudden bright light of Rena's flashlight, but then his sight was overwhelmed by the sheer amount of red liquid at their feet. He cringed at the sight and turned away just before he was able to completely get used to the light.

He grabbed Raine and held her so that she turned away from the body. "What the fuck are you doing, Rena? Christ! What does this accomplish?" He put up a hand to block his view of the corpse and looked over at Rena, though he still felt sick to his stomach. "Come on, let's go further in already!" A gurgling sound rose up in his throat, but it passed before the nausea set in. "Ugh. Fucking a..."

Just as he was about to go further into the tunnel, he spotted a figure in the darkness, just outside of the light of Rena's flashlight.


The guy looked like he was scared out of his mind. Not like Ridley could blame him for that, though. Nevertheless, Ridley teased the hand grip of the gun in his pocket and managed to choke out, "Who are you?"
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