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((Rizzo Vitoria continued from They F**king Work Because... ))

Rizzo walked in silence with OC for what felt like ages. He still had no idea where they were going, nor where their former-follower Carla had gone.

It wasn't important. It couldn't be important. Not when the other 200 of their classmates were after them, blades and guns flailing wildly in whatever effort they gave to slaughter... Sure, they'd only come across one Player - Nick. Was it Nick Reid? Thankfully he'd left them alone. But just because there hadn't been two hundred names read out as murderers, it didn't mean they weren't considering it.

He was lost in his own thoughts when he realised he needed to pee. He was so happy at the fact he had retained that much water, he put his bags down and unzipped his pants right next to the nearest tree!

Before he'd finished, he realised something. He didn't tell OC.

"Fuck..." he muttered - urinating didn't seem like so hot of an accomplishment when it left him alone and defenceless. He still had that headache, despite the sleep he'd managed to get, and his joints were aching like he had arthritis. If this was how arthritics felt...

"OC...?" he asked meekly. Perhaps the larger teen had noticed and come back. Yeah, just like they instantly turned back for Carla... He was probably long-gone now, glad of the fact the sickly, weak, midget had gotten himself lost! He'd make excellent time in finding whoever he was looking for whilst Rizzo was hung, drawn, quartered, shot, stabbed and set aflame!

"Bastard!" he spat, zipping his jeans back up and grabbing his bags. Though the sudden motion did nothing more than make his head spin again. He growled in annoyance as he started to walk again. He hadn't a clue where he was, where the Dangerzones were and he was pretty sure he didn't have a map.

After a few minutes, he noticed the trees were thinning. Perhaps this was the mansion area - or a golf course perhaps. Though, was an open space really the best place to wind up?
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