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"Hey," Mizore shifted her legs under her and crooked her hand in a proto-wave.

The girl who just entered shone with exhaustion. Mizore remembered her name--Kari Nichols. She had noticed her in class, red hair, green eyes, sketched her surreptitiously once, for the color contrast. She also did speedcubing, which was cool.

And apparently she'd been given a machine gun.

Shrug. That would be interesting.

But she didn't look like she would be mowing them all down, which was, Mizore supposed, a relief. She looked tired and pinched and cranky and possibly unnerved by the red ghosts. But non-Zach company would be nice. She was a bit sick of confrontations for today.

"Ghosts are not real. I've just been painting." Nice way to state the obvious, Mizore. "You can sleep here, if you want. We're not playing, and one of us will take watch." Her body clock was so screwed up that she probably couldn't help but take watch. "Announcements coming soon though."

Not Raidon, not Raidon, not Raidon…

Agh, Raidon. Once upon a time, Mizore had been careless and unbreakable. The island hadn't mentally shook her, not more than death usually did--she knew she would die one day, and then, when she had been put on the island, she knew it would be sooner. It was even a relief in some ways, to know that she didn't need to do anything else but draw, find paints and draw, sketch ghosts and learn the lines of death. Her friends were elsewhere, in a commune, in Saint Paul; the only person she had to care for was herself. And she was pretty low-maintenance.

But then Raidon had come, and now she was cracking. Little spidery cracks in her mind: she could feel them. She needed to meditate again. She needed something different to happen. An escape plan, a breakout, a bit of bloody hope, because suddenly it had seeped into her bones, it wasn't just her death she cared about. Zach was here, for all his annoyance, a boon companion, and Zach's friend Samya, and Raidon, Raidon…

She swallowed. She needed to find Raidon again. Something would happen, then. She'd stay with him. She'd insist on it. She'd be an utter and complete bitch if she had to.

Yup. Things had been much simpler when she just wanted to paint.

The Nichols girl took a cautious step into the cavern, and Mizore remembered one more thing.

"Watch out. The middle of the floor is covered in water."

Alice Boucher was a liar.
Liz Polanski played with fire.

And who the hell is Radio Asuka?
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