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((Reiko Ishida continued from Lean on Me))

Shortly after the two girls made their escape, Reiko and Carol made it to some sort of outdoor recreational centre, where the two now rested. The small girl hadn't said a word, sitting away from her friend and lost in her own thoughts. The gun, the very one that took her sister's life, was being held in a tight grip in her left hand. Such a harmless looking object, and yet it had such lethality. Just pull the trigger and boom, dead.

She wanted to throw the thing away. Find a cliff or a body of water or something and get rid of the disgusting weapon. Yet at the same time, she didn't. The gun gave her a sense of... comfort she didn't feel before when she only had her sais. It was a different feeling having a weapon that didn't require much effort to use. Plus... something inside her felt like there was something more at work. Or maybe it was the lack of sleep. Either way, she was holding on to that gun, until she met Kris again.

She needed to survive that long first though. Reiko glanced over at Carol, who wasn't looking at her at that moment. Carol was a friend... Carol could be trusted.... but Carol just left a friend behind to die. That... didn't bode well. Maybe... maybe Reiko had been better off before, while she was alone. No one to take care of, no one to have to watch... she doubted that Carol was going to just let her leave though...

Just then, Carol started talking, saying something about looking at her wounds. Reiko... didn't want that. She would rather have Carol stay where she was... easier to keep track of her over there... besides, she was fine, fit as a fiddle! or whatever the phrase was. To prove the point Reiko stood up, stretching out as much as she could. She still hurt like hell, but she'd regained most of her mobility, the intense pain she'd felt that morning had dulled to a weak throb.

"I'm fine, see?" Reiko energetically did a couple of jumping jacks to prove she was fine and didn't need to be looked after. Those few jumping jacks didn't do much for her ribs, but she managed to hide the pain. As long as it kept Carol over there... away from her for now...
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