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((Courtney Bradley, continued from Just Close Your Eyes.))

Courtney kept walking. She was good at that. The only thing so far that she hadn't managed to cock up, in fact. She was okay at the whole walking thing, compared to the rest of the crap she'd tried to do. There wasn't much to screw up. She just had to put one foot in front of the other and keep moving.

Her tanktop clung to her body, drenched with sweat, mud, and anything else this place had in store for her. She kept it on, though. The alternative wasn't all that appealing to her, what with the cameras everywhere and all. The jumper still hung around her waist, hastily untied and retied as the weather had gotten warmer or colder.

She wanted to go home. She wanted to see Mike and her parents again. She wanted the hunk of metal and plastic encasing her neck to be gone... no, she wanted it to have never existed. She wanted to be able to go back in time so she could have just tell herself not to go on the trip, spent the money on something important. She wished she'd never left England, that the job opportunity her Dad had coveted so much had never come up.

Still walking. She debated starting to keep count of the steps she was taking. It'd give her something to do. She actually attempted it for a while, got somewhere in the hundreds before she noticed people, a sign of life. She lost count. Damn. Courtney moved around, tried to get a good look at the people who were there.

Violet Druce and Mike Moretti.

Violet she knew. She was the film maker. They'd spoken a few times, although both of the agreed for their own sake to never mention them again. Mike she hadn't personally talked to, but she'd definitely heard of him. She tended to steer clear, though.

A shout from off in a different direction. Jessie Anderson. She was one of the hockey players, very religious. Heart of Gold- She wouldn't hurt a fly outside of the ice rink. Courtney was surprised, really. Didn't expect to see her there. She honestly thought Jessie missed the trip.

She stepped forwards. Guessed she could make herself known.

"Hey! Courtney Bradley!" She waved her arms. "...The British one! Can I maybe come over too?"
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