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((Carol Burke continued from Lean On Me))

Resting. She should be calm.

And yet, she wasn't.

She heard the gunshots. Simon was most likely gone. That person got him. Carol knew she wasn't particularly bright, but even she knew that there wasn't a good chance he got out alive. She tried to keep her hopes up with things that she would tell herself, like "Maybe he managed to escape. Maybe he fought them off and is looking for us. Maybe he's safe". But her thoughts would loop back to the idea that he was... no more.

And it seemed as if their attacker had gone after them as well. She was sure that she heard gunshots in their direction. They weren't satisfied with just Simon. They wanted to kill them, too. Whoever it was, it wasn't someone who was simply scared. It was a truly bad person. Carol kept thinking that it was Kris or that guy that was with her, but was it really?

Simon... he was really gone, wasn't he? He just simply decided to die, right then and there. Died fighting. It was for them. He just wanted them to be saved, right? He didn't have to just let himself die! He could have made it out. They could have made it out, all three of them. And that person killed him, for no apparent reason.

Carol was too tired to cry. Her tears had only dried up some time ago, and now she was all worn out. As she sat on the ground of what appeared to be an outdoor sports area, resting after they came here just a few minutes ago, she couldn't help but think. Where was Jacob and Ben? They were doing well, she hoped. She had lost Rein and Kari, didn't she? They didn't get killed, did they? She and Simon had lost them around... the time Hermione showed up? She guessed so.

Hermione was gone too. She saw it happen, even cradled her head in her hands for a few seconds. Her smile had long since been etched into her mind. And yet Carol spent the last few minutes of her life being angry at her.

She shuddered on the spot.

God, did she really just let Hermione die? Hermione and Simon... they both died and she did nothing about it. All she did was run away.

What was worse was, she didn't even say "Thank you" to Simon. He had tolerated her all those days, and pretty much died in the hopes of stalling their attacker. She did nothing to help. All she did was scream and cry...

But, she saved Reiko, didn't she?

Reiko was clearly hurt, and she was in the middle of a fight when they found her. She could've died. Plus, now that she was here she had no reason to kill anymore, right? If it came time to defend themselves, Carol had a shotgun. She could just scare them all away with it. Reiko shouldn't have to kill, after all. Reiko, deep down, wasn't the type to kill. There was no reason for her to be forced to kill.

She'd protect her. Keep her from harm.

That's what friends do, right?

And Reiko was too hurt...

So, she needed help.

Should she take a look at Reiko's wounds? They might get infected or something! And she might be really hurt. Kris and that other guy, they seemed to have done quite a number on her. Carol could see a bunch of scratch and bruise marks on her face and she seemed to have trouble walking, and there seemed to be more problems she couldn't see. It was a good idea to at least patch her up for the time being.

A look at the tiny Asian nearby her. Yes, she definitely needed help. Why didn't she take care of that sooner, even if they just got here? She was going to be hurt even more! What if her leg had been sliced open? She heard that it was real easy to get gangrene out in the wilderness, what if it got it? She didn't know what to do then!

A deep breath, and Carol spoke again to her.

"Hey Reiko? I think we have first aid kits put in our bags. Do you need... y'know... patching up? I think they mentioned an Infirmary as well, maybe we could head on over like... I dunno... tomorrow morning?"

A look up at the sky told her it was getting much too late to do any more traveling. It was already starting to become dusk, and frankly Carol was too tired already. Plus, Reiko needed her rest. That was going to help her get better, right? Carol didn't know much about first aid, but she was sure she could learn.

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