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"Right. Let's get moving." Alex said. He wanted to smile, so brilliant he was, but he knew better than that. He had to play it safe. They all bought it. They were all so stupid. He felt like laughing.

It's not getting to me. I'll make it. You won't. It's not getting to me.

He stuck to the middle of the group, near Phil. Jennifer wanted to stay at the back. That was fine with him. She hadn't flashed a weapon throughout the entire encounter. It was safe to assume she either didn't have one or else was otherwise incapable of actually using what she had. Marco took the front. So he was going to lead.

Alex kept pace. He just had to be careful. He just had to keep his head on straight. Sooner or later, the opportunity would present itself and he'd be on top of the game.

So long as he kept a calm head. As long as he didn't make a mistake. He'd just seem more and more like he was part of the group. And less and less like a threat. He was so brilliant. The others would never see it come. They didn't suspect a thing.

And Alex believed that with all his mind. Until he saw otherwise, until he could take a moment to properly assess himself, he was just fine. But of course he wasn't really fine.

An image of Dom peeked at him out of the corner of his eye.

No. It's not real. I can't be hallucinating. I'm fine. Just fine. I'm only tired. But I can't sleep yet. I can't. I'm fine. Alex you're fine. It isn't real. Snap out of it. Keep walking.

He began to count his steps in his mind. He would be fine. All he had to do was keep his cool.

((Alexander Seymour continued in Final Third Foul))
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