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((Jessie Anderson continued from Promise))

It felt good in a lot of ways. It was almost like I was putting up my own miniature rebellion. 'Look here you, I know you're trying to foster suspicion and fear, but I'm not buying into it.' Some people would probably have called it naive... but I don't really think that's true... I knew exactly what the potential consequences were.

...I just relied on my faith.


Jessie's stride ate up the island's expanse with ease. Underfed and overwrought she might have been, but she was still in damn good shape. It was a big point of pride - that worst of sins - for her to be so athletic, coming hand in hand with her captaincy of the girls hockey team back at Bayview. Jessie had always been a bit self-conscious about her size, and had worked hard to make sure that her weight didn't get out of control. Jessie could only imagine how the non-sportsmen were bearing up.

She stopped, sighed, pushed an errant red lock from her eye. Because fatigue was going to be the number one concern for everyone right now. Sure. People had died - were dying out there. People like DK. But others too. All of them, even. Nobody deserved to be killed, nobody deserved being put in a position to commit suicide. It didn't matter who they were, or what they'd done. This was Bayview school's Senior year and although there were bad eggs, people who would probably never become goody-two-shoes law abiding citizens... that didn't mean that they had this island coming.

"Even the worst of us didn't deserve anything like this..."

Jessie looked up, kept walking and then saw something. A pair of people, actual people. They didn't look ar- No. She couldn't think that way. She couldn't base her trust on weapons. That was what the game was trying to do. Breed paranoia, turn friends against one another. Turn acquaintances against one another. It was a lot easier to see a killer in a face not so familiar. She took a deep breath, looked down.

"Please watch over me, Lord," she murmured, then looked up again. "Hey guys! It's Jessie Anderson!" Jessie spread her arms wide, making it obvious she wasn't carrying anything. Not everybody would be as willing to trust as her. "Can I come over?"
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