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Sierra removed herself from her log, the nausea that had cemented itself within her begged that she rethink, the knot in her throat almost bubbling to fruition as she made way after Josie. She couldn't stop, she couldn't keep dragging her knuckles and praying that Omar would find them soon.

Not after Janet was gone in the blink of an eye.

Sierra passed a side-ways glance toward Steven as he too made to leave the area, not sure if she should've said something. Was there anything to say? It killed her that she could barely look him in the eye, how could she even manage to say anything to him? She was just a rotten, selfish girl who couldn't even pull herself together, let alone another person.

Guilt lingered in with the nausea ballooning inside, heavy feelings of regret washing over her as she watched Steven walk away for what was possibly the last time they'd ever meet. She hadn't even said a word to him, nor Ema or Janet for that matter. Part of her wondered what could have been, if in some alternate universe they would have had a different destiny.

Maybe they'd get another chance one day.

She'd make it up to them.

[[Sierra Manning continued elsewhere]]

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