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[[Celeste Beaumont continued from Living In The Aftermath]]

Fuck...fuck...fuck... Celeste leaned against the wall of the tunnel, mentally swearing in time to her tired pants. She'd been running since the Sawmill, not very fast, and she had to stop and rest so many damned times...What I get for skipping Gym, looks like. Karma finally catching up with me for that. You anger the Gym Gods and they pull this bullshit on you, she thought, laughing dryly to herself. Put ya on some bullshit island in the middle of fucking nowhere, send your own classmates to kill you...


Celeste looked down at her hands, as if she'd just now realized that her sledgehammer was gone. Well, fuck. How was she to defend herself now? She'd be fine as long as she was with a friend, she had reasoned--well, not even a friend exactly, just someone who wasn't insane or a jerkass in general. They would have a weapon, they would protect her. They had to, right? Celeste was just a small, thin little girl, and...well, people protected girls like that, didn't they?

John woulda protected me, she thought to herself, curling her fingers towards her palms, nails digging into the skin til they made tiny crescents in her skin. She hadn't heard his name in the announcements yet...so he must still be okay. Hell, he was a big guy, he could protect her and Kayla--Celeste didn't wanna leave Kayla by herself, Kayla didn't seem too confident herself.


Celeste looked over her shoulder into the darkness, struggling to see someone's--anyone's form. Kayla was missing...Where did she...?

It started to come back to her. Celeste's hands had gotten sweaty in her running, in her panic. She had to let go of Kayla's hand a few times, wipe her own hand...at some point or another, Celeste supposed she'd had to let go for longer than three seconds, just kept running in blind panic...

Which meant she'd lost Kayla.

Oh....shit. "Kayla?! You follow me in here?!" she shouted, straightening up, shouting down one random direction.
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