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And so the little tall tales started to build up around her.

That little action back at the beach, the one she only did because she was stressed, mind you, was now become the most damning piece of evidence against her. The only two other people there, the only ones that should have understood what she was going through back there, were obviously not that appreciative of the fact that she happened to think she was better than them. Of course, she closed her eyes once the bitch who tried to kill the guy stopped rambling on. No need to actually take that stuff in. She instead walked past the boy with the...rather handsome face, come to think of it...and examined the boy lain down at the trunk of the large willow tree.

First, the vitals. The boy's head was tilted forward, away from the tree. Sighing at how much the other guy didn't know, she tilted his head back so that his airway wasn't closed off. She saw it in a movie once. A girl knocked out in a car crash wasn't breathing, and the only problem was that her head was hung forward, and all it took was one person with common sense enough to know that it was blocking off her air supply.

Honestly, civilization crumbled when she wasn't around.

Moving back his sleeves, she checked his pulse. It was pretty light, but still maintained its steady beat. Tha-bump, Tha-bump, Tha-bump. That was even better. Next, she checked the brusing on the back of the boy's head.

Now here was where she was confused. She didn't share show it, but she hadn't the slightest idea what she was doing here. She couldn't tell if he was only going to get a bruise, if his skull was cracked, if he'd suffered a concussion, if he was braindead...he couldn't die like this, could he? The last thing he would have seen was her, being a psycopath. That wouldn't bode well for her conscience.

She felt his head, feeling her fingers through the small amount of hair on his skull, and found the growing lump. It wasn't wet, good, and it wasn't throbbing, probably better. It wasn't bleeding at all, which she made sure of...now she didn't know what to do, despite the fact she had a focused look on her face and gave off an aura of knowledge.

Suddenly, without any warning, more people started to show up on the scene. There was an Australian boy, who seemed to know Chase, and promptly rode into the scene on a firey horse and upstaged her by having the littlest bit of first aid knowledge.

"Oh, uh, hey there. Guy got hit over the head by a crowbar, he's been out cold for a while," Aston started, before realising there was someone else on the scene as well. Moving away from the boy now, she headed closer to her bags to get a bit of bread. She'd been a bit hungry on the long hike, and now was time to chow down. Looking up as she approached her bags, she saw that religious girl from GODSpeed at Bayview, Rachel Gett-


"Moving right along, we had Theo Behr take a dirt nap, with Rachel Gettys being the one to put him to bed. God probably told her to do it or something."

Tenth to buy the farm was Edward Belmont, who invoked the wrath of god in the form of Rachel Gettys and took a rock to the head for his trouble."

Oh. Shit.

In the moments that followed in which Aston recognized the crazed woman standing in front of her, she didn't give off a signal that she was troubled by this appearance. Acting lessons, she had none, but it was more like containing a silent impulse. Part of her wanted to turn vigilante, take her out now, save them all from the trouble. Meanwhile, the other part was telling her to keep calm, pick up her bags, turn around, drop them closer to the body, and walk right over the the guy and cross her arms.

Which is what she did.

"Uh, yeah, no one's dead here Rachel," Aston said, before slightly closing her mouth, moving her tongue, and speaking out of the corner of her mouth.

"That's Rachel Gettys. She's killed. Twice. We're all in fucking danger here. Get everyone to move away quickly, and I'll stay and hold her off. If you wanna stay here, you can, you have a gun of some sort and you look like you stand a hell of a better chance than the other two girls and your unconsious friend there."

Stopping momentarily, she commented again.

"Whatever they say, I'm not crazy by the way."
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