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Confused Writer
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((Kevin Harding continued from Jesus Loves the Little Children))

Aw, fuck. Not again.

Kevin's day had just gotten worse. He started off wanting to pray at the church, but that idea just went downhill when Lily Maclaughlin get murdered in front of him. He shut his eyes, recalling only the sight of her throat opening up and her blood spraying into the air as the knife slashed her neck.

With a heavy swallow, he crouched back down. No time to dwell on that. He had to focus. Kevin set his shovel down and opened up his pack. He was out of food, had only one bottle of water left, and was tired from all the running he did.

Frankly speaking, trying to intervene in this situation without a gun would just get him killed. Not to mention that three of the island's more dangerous people were gathered here in one spot.

Ivan Kuznetsov and R.J Lowe had at least one kill each, while Imraan Al-Hariq was bigger than any of them and had a shotgun with him. He wasn't sure about Tabitha and Mary-Ann, but they seemed to be sticking with Ivan and R.J, respectively.

There was no way that he could do anything but hide and wait. He scowled in annoyance. He really didn't want to stay under cover, but dying was a prospect he did not want to face any time soon. Fear choked the life out of his passion. One of these days, Kevin would finally find himself a situation where he wouldn't have to stay skulking in the shadows. But not today. Today, he had to get food and water through any means possible.

Closing up his bag, he slung it back over his shoulders before he picked up his shovel. An opportunity would present itself eventually.
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B88: Jeff Thorne - Dead from gunshot wounds.

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B103 - Kevin Harding - Killed by a javelin.
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