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Alex was grateful, very grateful, almost too grateful even... though Marco just shrugged that little quirk off; acting suspicious about every little thing was only going to lead to paranoia, fear and eventually death, and not just his, but the rest of the people in the small group.

Alex immediately let everyone know that he wanted to be in the middle of the group, explanation being that he didn't think he'd fare too well in a fight. With the state he was currently in, looking bedraggled, bloodied and injured, Marco took his word for it. And upon closer inspection, Phil didn't look like he was in peak condition either, which only left him and presumably Jennifer in full health.

He didn't mind Alex wanting some protection, and at that point he realised what his purpose on the island was to be. He'd already decided that he was going to take no part in this brutal 'tournament', at least not in the way that Danya had intended. He wasn't going to sink to the level his father had gone down to, no chance of that. He wasn't going to try and cause any deaths, he wanted to do the complete opposite. He wanted to protect as many people as humanly possible.

He didn't think about how futile it may be in the long run, but he wanted his conscience to be as clean as possible. He didn't want any blood on his hands,and he didn't want to let anyone down back home like his dad had done. 'Yeah, this is what I'm going to do,' he firmly thought.

Jennifer designated herself as rear guard, and Phil was strolling slowly ahead, Marco easily catching up and overtaking him. He looked back and saw Phil made no attempt to keep up with him, hanging back slightly. 'Guess that makes me the leader,' Marco thought, looking past Phil to make sure Alex and Jennifer were all following him. "Let's go," he spoke, walking through the dusk forest away from the place they had met up. The now-leader of the small ragtag group.

((Marco Stonecastle continued in Final Third Foul))
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