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The would-be rocker listened with great interest as Aston began to explain what had led them to hit Marty over the head like that.

As it turned out, Joshua's guess about what had happened was more-or-less right on the money. Marty got scared, everyone began to panic, and before any of them knew it BAM! Somebody decided to take things into their own hands and shut the poor guy up. He began to feel somewhat embarrassed as he recalled how he had reacted to the situation by running in and waving a gun (Well, a small crossbow pistol thingy anyway) around like some lunatic. He was actually kind of surprised things hadn't gotten worse after his little overreaction.

"Yeah, I can see that happening actually... Marty always was a bit jumpy whenever he's worried about something. He's a good guy most of the time, y'know? Its just he tends to get a little... I dunno, paranoid whenever things get rough..."

She then began to go on about the possible aftereffects of the injury inflicted against his friend. Which, from the sound of things, weren't so good... Joshua wasn't exactly sure what the exactly happened when somebody had a concussion. They get a bit dizzy, maybe suffer from amnesia... Something like that? She then also noted the possibility of brain damage, which caused Joshua to gulp in fear. He remembered hearing about this kid in one of the earlier games who got hit over the head with a stick or something and ended up becoming a massive serial killer. Went on to kill several people before finally getting taken down by the top player. The idea of that kind of thing happening to Marty worried Joshua more then a little... Then again, the idea of Marty not waking up at all was something Joshua didn't even want to think about.

He paused for a moment to take all the information in before Aston began speaking again. "Do you mind...if I have a look at him? Just to check the extent of the bruising and damage and stuff?"

"Huh? Oh yeah, sure. Go right ahead..." he said, shifting out of the way to give Aston some room to do whatever she needed to do. Joshua couldn't really tell himself how bad the injury was. He didn't think Marty looked THAT bad, but then again he wasn't exactly the best person to ask for medical advice. Hell, he was probably the worst person on the entire island to ask for advice about pretty much anything medical related other then putting a plaster on someone.

The short goth girl (Anna something?) began to suggest the idea of using willow bark to help out Marty, only to then immediately dismiss the idea as being silly. Which was a shame, because Joshua was actually beginning to like the idea of using the tree to their advantage. It would have been worth a shot anyway...

"Do you think he's... he's alright?"

Joshua shrugged. "I... I dunno man. I ain't a doctor or anything. I HOPE he's alright and stuff, but like you said. He might be suffering from brain damage or somethin' from all I know..." he replied, turning and referring to Aston. In all honesty, the idea of Marty being permanently changed chilled Joshua right to the bone. He couldn't imagine what life would be like if his best friend in the world became some kind of deranged maniac just because some bitch decided to whack him over the head with a frickin' crowbar.

Speaking of bitches, Michelle began to explain what had happened from her perspective. He didn't really hear anything he hadn't already picked up from Aston, but from the sound of things Michelle seemed at the very least to regret having done what she did. At least, Joshua ASSUMED she regretted doing it. She never outwardly admitted it...

"Nah, its cool... Can't say I really blame you" he joked, trying to inject some humour into the sombre situation. "Its this island man. This fuckin' island... It messes with your head, y'know? Makes people do things. TERRIBLE things. Like, killing people and torturing 'em and stuff... Jesus, who'd of thought anyone back at Bayview would have the balls to DO such a thing? Hell if I know... Hell if I know...

"What happened here?"

The hell?!?

"Is this man dead?"

The would-be rocker turned his attention to the newly arrived figure. Namely the (in)famous Rachel Gettys. Joshua remembered her back at Bayview... Always going around preaching Christianity like it was going out of style or something. Being something of a mix between being agnostic and Jewish, Joshua himself never really understood what the whole fuss was about. So what if not everyone believed in the same religion, or any religion whatsoever. Its not they're harming anyone... Besides, if god DID exists, Joshua was sure that he wouldn't be that picky when it came to deciding who goes to heaven or whatever.

This of course, was all irrelevant at that point in time. And whilst Joshua was surprised at Rachel's appearance, he couldn't help but have a feeling that something wasn't quite right. He couldn't put his finger on it, but something at the back of his head told him that he'd heard Rachel's name being mentioned at some point in the past... Maybe one of the girls mentioned it in a conversation or something?

"Hey Rachel. Uh, no, he's just kinda unconscious at the moment..." He replied, not particularly sure how to react to her sudden arrival. And before Joshua even knew it, ANOTHER person popped out of the bloom and started offering assistance. In a cool Australian accent as well.

Wow... What the heck are the chances that TWO people came across her hiding place at the same time? Seriously though, its actually kinda creepin' me out...

Not knowing how to react to the new arrivals, all Joshua would muster up was an awkward "Uh..." in reply to the Aussie running across the steam in his direction.
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