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"Let's go somewhere safe, just you and me, okay?"

Was he hearing right? Quincy wasn't used to this sort of success, and there was still Felicia to worry about. Tiffany did seem nervous, though. Hell, that made sense, given where they were, what they had just been through.

He eagerly took the gun. "Thanks, boss." He held it in his hands, feeling the weight of it, getting used to the feel, turning it over and over. There was something truly hypnotic about the power of a gun like this. The idea that all he had to do was point it, pull the trigger, and somebody would be dead. If he'd kept the gun, the fight with Mike would have been a lot quicker. Bang, bang, you're dead.

He snapped back to here and now. "Are you sure about this, taking the club yourself?" He'd already killed somebody, and was worried that Tiff wouldn't be the best able to wield it as a weapon. Maybe the gun would be the better option for her. But he didn't want to give it up. "Okay, let's go." He handed his prize over to her, and made his way down the path.

((Quincy Jones Cont'd in Facile Princeps))
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