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If she'd only used the gun.

He'd seen the situation degenerate. He'd seen the tensions rise, the violence. He didn't think Nik Kromwall was wholly to blame for what had happened, even if he did seem to have been awful quick to use that gun. Maybe, just maybe, David could have stuck around.

But then there was Fiona.

David wasn't close enough to hear her apology, or hear Owen's forgiveness. David was only close enough to see a man charge a killer, and what appeared to be the killer's girl axe the man.

He stared. And stared. And stared.

Blood, brains, ooze. Is that what we look like inside our heads? Humans are disgusting fucking creatures, why would we ever love each other? He began to tremble violently, staring at Owen's cleaved skull; shook all over as he took one step backwards, and then another.

"Jesus," he stammered. "Just...just..."

He had gone close to them. He had gone so close to them he'd almost--

"Oh God," he mumbled, and turned.

He was alone on this island. Everywhere he'd gone he'd found only the threat or reality of violence, and as time had gone on it had only gotten worse. An axe? A fucking axe?

I'm going to die. I'm going to die here. I'm going to get gunned down I'm going to get stabbed I'm going to get my head crushed in or chopped in half they'll leave pieces of me all over this fucking place I'll be in pain I'll suffer I'll-

He picked up speed and took off down the street.

(David Meramac continued in But I Might Die Tonight)
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