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it was a graveyard smash
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((Josie Vernon continued from It's hard to walk tall when you're small

Note: There will be a bit of time advancement in this post as I try to get up to the speed of the early evening of day four.))

More walking. A lot of the same. Josie's legs hurt a little from all the travel. She wasn't used to this much walking -- never was much of an athlete. A few times as she walked, she wondered why. Why was she traveling so much? Why was there any purpose to this? Why couldn't she just sit still and wait for whatever to happen. Que Sera Sera, right? Whatever will be, will be. But, as much as she would much rather sit around and rest, the thought of Janet's corpse floating somewhere upstream didn't sit well with her. It just made her want to flee and never again see bloated, drowned body of that poor girl. Done and wasted over a vibrating dildo.

Josie kept close to Sierra, her eyes constantly darting around to make sure no one was following them or creeping in the nearby shadows. Lucky for her, no one ever approached them. She considered this very lucky because neither Josie or Sierra were well-equipped to deal with any attackers. It almost made her want to meet up with Omar down the line. Forget that he was a murderer and assume that he was well in the head. Assume that he still loved Sierra and considered Josie a friend. He could protect them with that stolen gun of his.

No! Josie immediately shied away from that thought! She didn't want Omar to do the protecting. Josie was the protector, and it was her self-appointed duty to keep Sierra safe. She wouldn't let herself go on without Sierra. She couldn't..

Alone once again, the two girls followed the river southward. There was a large mountain just ahead, and Josie thought it would be the perfect place to hole up for awhile. Better than that wood-less forest or some building were immediate escape would be utterly impossible. The mountain was undoubtedly large, and she was sure that there was somewhere to hide. Somewhere to stay with Sierra, just the two of them. But... other company wouldn't be bad either. As long as they weren't the dangerous, psychopathic-type. As much as Josie disliked most company in the past, she would gladly welcome it now. She felt so alone, as melodramatic as it sounded.

Hours passed. The ground beneath the girl's feet began to slowly roll into hills, and those hills became rocky ledges. Just ahead was the mountain, several trails leading deeper into the depths of it. With a glance in Sierra's direction, Josie took her hand and wandered along the dirt path.

More walking. The sun was setting, so Josie stopped in a sunken area surrounded by trees and rocky hills. The path was just to the right of her, so there wasn't much possibility of her getting lost up her. This area was safe from immediately view, so that, combined with the darkness, should guarantee an okay place to rest. A mild rest, anyway. Josie doubted she would sleep more than five minutes tonight, but she would try. She needed her strength if she was going to protect Sierra. The girls passed few words amongst each other, and as the sky grew darker around them, Josie laid her head against a tree and shut her eyes. Just a short rest, and she would spend the rest of the night keeping look-out. She couldn't protect Sierra if she was asleep. She could.. She couldn't.. She..


Birds singing, a breeze softly whispering through the branches of the overhanging trees, the sun twinkling from above, and the crackling of something bursting to life. It reminded Josie of a radio. Had she left her radio on when she fell asleep? She raised a hand to lazily rub her left eye, which smudged the remainder of her eyeliner. She should really start to remove her makeup before bed! It's bad for the skin. She looked around, almost startled at her surroundings. This wasn't home, it was.. it was..

"Ladies and gentlemen, as of this, the third announcement, a further twenty-three of your peers have bitten the dust. Outstanding, kiddies. Simply outstanding."

Josie blinked as it all came crashing down. And, really, she realized that she never truly believed she was back in her bedroom. As much as she wished it, she knew all along that she was here. This island was her reality. She sat back to listen to the announcements. It didn't mean much to her, as sociopathic as that sounded. Sure, it saddened her, and she had attended school with most of these people, but she wasn't close with nearly anyone. The only person she could possibly care about was right here beside her.

The only name that caught her utmost attention was Omar Burton's, and it took her a moment to figure out if was a killer or a killed. The way Danya stated it, it almost sounded as if.. Omar was dead. Her throat tightened a little, and she slowly looked over at Sierra. Dead? She'd almost be more relieved if he had ended up killing someone. Then she could at least have another nail to pound into his coffin. Another piece of proof that he really was a killer. Was that something appropriate to say after his death? Probably not, but Josie didn't care.

However... Omar hadn't killed. He had been killed, which meant he was no longer around. Which meant Josie wouldn't have to watch out for him, which meant she wouldn't have to pretend to look around for him, which meant.. She stole another glance in Sierra's direction. There was nothing to say, and she felt no pity for Omar. Sure, he had been a nice guy and everything. She rather liked him; he treated her right. But on this island? Josie preferred him dead. And now he was. No grief, no guilt, no pity. He was dead. Josie didn't care.

[I'll edit more into this when I actually get Sierra's reaction.]

The sun was setting, or at least dipping lower into the sky. Josie couldn't believe she had spent a better part of the day, resting here at the mountain. She had barely moved from her spot, only a few times to use the bathroom. Sierra didn't want to move, which was absolutely understandable. Josie had been the perfect best friend after Omar's death was announced. She patted Sierra's hand, dried any tears, and lent her shoulder in the most literal sense. It just felt so fake. Because, while Sierra's feelings of grief pained Josie, she didn't really care that Omar had died. It was just another problem dealt with early. She wouldn't have to deal with some future confrontation, because, as anyone knew, Josie wasn't one to just let things sit quietly with Omar. She would have accused him of being a killer, and if things escalated from there, she would have gladly let it. She just wanted to see Sierra safe. Did that mean she wanted to see Sierra sobbing and solemn? No. But sacrifices had to be made.

She had to pee again. "Bathroom break," she told Sierra, standing up and briskly walking behind the nearest tree. She did her business and peered back at that sunken area where Sierra sat. She should go back immediately, it would do no good to leave her there, but.. It wouldn't hurt to see what was around the area, right? Then again, it was getting dark.. She would have to be quick about it, or she'd never find Sierra.

Josie was met with an eyeful of hills, mountains, and trees. It was really rather pretty, but nothing worthy of note. Nothing dangerous that could impede her process. Just.. a mountain with not a soul on it. But.. wait. Was someone out there? She saw something glimmer for a moment, and squinted her eyes to see. No, it wasn't a glimmer.. It was something glowing. An orange-ish glow, just hovering there. As her eyes adjusted a bit, she realized the glow was attached to a cigarette, which was attached to a person. Not wanting to attract much attention from this person in the dark (who knows if they were armed), Josie turned around and quickly tried to make her getaway. But, not being a graceful person, she slipped on a wet pile of leaves and went down on one knee. This type of thing only happens to people in movies! Not teenagers trying to stay under the radar from other teenagers!

But Josie couldn't force herself to say anything. She knew that the figure was probably aware of her presence, and it would be dangerous to just stand here and do nothing/say nothing. But.. she couldn't force words out of her throat. Not a, "Howdy neighbor" or a, "I'm not armed." She just stood there, biting her tongue, eyes squeezed shut. Like a little girl pretending she didn't exist.

She really had to get back to Sierra. But her legs wouldn't move either.
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