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Stacy crawled over to Sarah and wrapped her arms around her. It had been a rough couple of days, and it would probably just get worse. She could understand why Sarah felt like crying. She held the girl close and did her best to comfort her.

"Hey, it'll be okay. Everything is going to be alright sweetie..." Stacy ran a hand over the girl's hair and hummed softly. It was a little strange, as they weren't really close during school. Maybe part of that was just Stacy's personality, but it was also the island. Being trapped made her want more than anything to feel connected. So she picked Sarah. Not a well-thought out choice really, but it was enough to keep her going. If she had Sarah with her, Stacy had a reason to get up, stay sane, and keep trying.

Good things take time...great things happen all at once...isn't that what...the fuck?

In the middle of her thought, their friend's stupid boyfriend started talking about his weapon. Then about his weapon. She turned her head toward him and just shook it sadly.

"Yeah. Maybe you should not talk for a little while. Although, I may have remembered to pack my portable DVD player. Maybe we can have a little movie night. This really sounds too messed up not to watch..." Stacy managed a grin.

"DVDs can be handy too. If you break it in half it's pretty sharp. You might be able to kill somebody with a shard if you get desperate enough. I guess the same could be said for a pen too. But I wouldn't recommend attacking anybody with either. Or your penis. Though it might get the show a ratings boost if you do. If you die, people will laugh. If you somehow succeed, you'll be the first player to successfully penis somebody to death. Either way, nothing to lose right? Except you know your life, and maybe your penis."
Takeshi Yoshikawa
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