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Oh, dear. Erik winced as shrill female voices filled the air, suddenly rather glad that they probably couldn't see his face through Brendan's body. An irrational, irritated, desperate part of him, the part that understood none of this and couldn't understand, wanted to yell right back and ask them how the fuck they would feel if they'd just found their boyfriend after days on this stupid fucking island full of people that wanted to fucking kill other people? But he swallowed it down, hard, reminded himself that they cared for Bren too, they just wanted to fix him up, make sure he was okay, and there sure as hell wasn't anything at all wrong with that.

Brendan wiggled off his lap, and that little part of Erik that was screaming wanted to drag him right back. He resisted this urge as well, settling for reaching out (there were some advantages to having gargantuan Bigfoot-arms after all) and just brushing the back of Brendan's hair before he was too far out of reach. The smaller boy was apologizing for wasting supplies and grabbing first aid stuff out of his own bag, in a gesture so - ridiculous that it made a smile twitch across Erik's face.

Here we all are, on a death island, one of us gets what's probably a bullet wound or knife slash to the leg, and he's all apologizing for being slightly hysterical?

Well. At least you know you're not dating an asshole.

A bubble of slightly hysterical laughter threatened to emerge, and he hastily coughed into his fist to hide it, scootching over on his butt so that Brendan's head, instead of being on the ground, was lying in his lap. He didn't want to admit how much he needed the physical contact right now, but in this position at least he could pretend it would be so that he could help hold Brendan if needed.

As it was, he roughly carded his fingers through the oddly-coloured hair, and smiled faintly. "Been better than you, looks like. Just a metric fuckton of bugbites and some unpleasant chafing."

Glancing up at the girls, he nodded quickly. He recognized them both, faintly - both started with S, right? The crying one was one of the Sarahs, he knew that much. Couldn't quite get the other's name yet, but it would come with time. "Sorry about the interruption, guess I just wasn't thinking. You guys, uh...you wouldn't mind if I tagged along, would you? Only I think this big lug," tapping Brendan's forehead fondly, "needs someone to keep him out of trouble, and I, uh. I'm pretty big so I guess I could make a good human shield or something? I'd offer to defend you, but my weapon was porn. Like, literally, a DVD of Chinese porn."

He winced.

"Apparently a giant dick is a major plot point. And while apparently it can kill people," and why, he wondered, would you put a picture of that on the back of the DVD cover, "mine is not that enormous."


"Not...that...you cared, or anything, or thought I would beat people off with my giant dick and by beat people off I mean beat up. O-okay. Uh. I'm just, going to shut up now and if you would like me to talk again you will need to go through my handsome translator because apparently I just should not be allowed to talk ever."
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