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How cute.
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[Girl #101 - Sofia Martelli. Continued from On the Road Again.]

"It's a nice view, isn't it?"

Arms folded and leaning to one side, Sofia stood a few feet behind Vivien.

"With the sun coming up over the ocean like that, it's really pretty."

There wasn't much else she could come up with to say, really. Hello? How are you? Those would be kind of pointless now wouldn't they? So maybe some observation on the environment will fit better. Course, maybe she should have provided some warning of her approach; who knows, boy in pumps might be the jumpy kind who may end up... well, jumping. Off the cliff. Don't really think falling from a cliff will result in a beautiful corpse and such a vain boy might find that to be worse than dying.

"Vivien, right?"

Not that there was much chance in mistaking him for anyone else; really, he was kind of unique. Wasn't he the boy who showed up in a dress to prom?

"Why are you out here alone?"

Wasn't she alone too?

"I mean, I would have figured you would be with a group."

Really, wouldn't everyone be trying to stick with a group? Wasn't Sofia the only one walking away from groups of people in her quest for revenge? Really, sticking with a group was the good idea... but a group would slow her down. Maybe after she had her revenge. It might be nice to find someone she was friends with. Rosa or Frankie or... Ilario had killed someone, hadn't he? Maybe she should rethink that plan.

"You haven't seen Colin, have you?"

Her statement was followed by a quick scan of the surrounding area and then a peek over the edge of the cliff; it was a long drop.

"I'm looking for him. I've... well, I've got my reasons."

Well, one big reason, to be exact. But he didn't need to know what, or at least didn't need her to tell him that. Everyone had their own agendas here on this god forsaken island and everyone had their own plans; some were good and others were bad and some were for the right reasons and others not so much, but everyone had their own. Right now, the only plan she had was finding the one person she wanted to find and putting into motion every little plan and idea she'd come up with during her long and relatively lonely trip. Sure, she had a promise to keep, but she wasn't about to simply let Colin get away with what he did. Tony was hers, got it? He had no right... no right to take him from her.

Even if she was never quite sure about what she wanted. She still wanted that chance... and she'll be damned if she let someone get away with taking that chance away from her.

"Say... what did you get?"

She eyed his belongings for a moment, motioning toward the lead pipe she held; it was her weapon, her only tool on the island. Her hand probably had the smell of old metal on it, but that wasn't so bad. It reminded her of being back at home and working on little projects in the garage.

Something Tony would always comment on. His teasing when she showed up with grease stains...

I miss you...
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