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((Helen Wilson continued from Day of the Dove))

This is your time to shine.

Odds were she was never actually going to become a doctor, Helen was fast realising this. She'd barely even made it onto the first rung of the ladder, getting accepted into a well respected pre-med course. That didn't mean that she knew anything, a basic knowledge of first aid that was from her time in the Girl Scouts rather than from medicine. In fact, as the screams wafted towards them, she was immediately filled with dread, and seconds later, regret at having told them anything. Because now she was going to have to do something.

That was what came with bragging (and that was essentially what she'd been doing, in a subtle form), eventually you had to live up to those expectations.

Still, as Dave ran forwards and got her in the stream, Helen followed him even as he called out to her. Perfect. That was just the thing to do. Run a burn in cold water for ten minutes, and out in the wilderness a stream is the best thing to do. Still, helps not to drown them, and determined to be helpful, Helen took off her shoes and clambered knee deep into the water as well, bending down a little, trying to minimise how much of her got wet but also trying to get a good look at the girl, also trying to remember who she was.

"Liz," Helen said in as confident a voice as possible, a confidence she really didn't feel at that point in time. She waved a hand in front of the girl's face, she seemed to be completely out of it. She looked up at Dave who was supporting her in the water, and spoke directly to him. "We need to keep the burnt bit in the water but her face and as much of the rest of her body as possible out of it, we don't want her getting hypothermia. Perhaps if we lift up her legs, that might bring her round, though..." she considered all this for a moment. Burns were painful, even the tiny ones she'd gotten in the past (mainly out of clumsiness around ovens and campfires and the such) had stung for days. Helen looked at Liz's closed eyes, and chewed her bottom lip.

"Though perhaps we don't want her to..." she continued after a beat. "Liz," speaking to her 'patient' again. "Liz can you open your eyes?" She wasn't responding to voice. The burn on her neck implied that she probably wouldn't be responding to pain either. What came after response. DR ABC flitted through her mind, she'd completely bypassed D for danger. Response failed. Airways came next. Helen tilted the girl's head back to open her airways then listened for B, breathing. Watched for ten seconds; she was definately breathing.

Then her mind went blank, what happened if they were breathing? You were supposed to put them in the recovery position and wait for help, but here, help wasn't going to be coming.

"She's breathing," Helen said by means of explanation. "We need to keep water running over the burn for ten minutes after this," looking closer to the burn, then at the contraption Liz had made close to the stream, her mind started whirring, and her eyes widened as she came to some realisation of what the girl was doing. "Wait.." she said incredulously, indicating the forge, then at the mangled collar and burnt neck. "Did she?"
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