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Owen pushed down with all his might, knowing that he wouldn't kill the boy. He just wanted to stay on long enough to convince Fiona that he might. Knowing his time was growing short, he started to whisper just loud enough for Nik to hear him, and nobody else.

"Don't feel bad when your friend saves you. This is the way I wanted it..."

He heard the girl shouting and begging for him to stop, but he couldn't stop now. If he stopped he'd go on living. He didn't want that. He wanted it to stop. Now that Craig was gone, he didn't want to stay on the island. He wanted it to end.

"When I'm gone...lay me next to Craig."

He heard Fiona apologize. She probably meant it on some level. He heard the air being displaced, and knew that if he rolled out of the way at that moment, he could make her kill Nik by accident. In another game, he might do it. He would live, he would continue his story. But Owen was just tired of playing. He wanted to sleep now.

"I forgive you," he murmured and closed his eyes, not sure if she could hear him or not. Not that it mattered. He felt a searing as the blade of the axe cleaved his skull. It burned for a moment, and then it was over. His tiny hands released the bokken, and he fell forward onto Nik as his world faded to black.

B116 Owen Rothschild: Game Over
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