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Colin let out a soft sigh. Thankfully for him, Jacob broke the awkward silence for the trio.

"...yeah, it's...its okay. Thanks."

"Good to hear it." Tim suggested that they get moving if he was okay to walk, and frankly Colin agreed. They had been sitting here for almost a full 24 hours. Thankfully other than Jacob not another soul wandered to the beach in that time, but how long could their luck hold out? After all, they were on an island meant for killing.

Colin glanced around the beach. It was getting towards the twilight hours again and the fire was slowly burining down to it's embers, leaving a beautiful glow off the pearly white sand of this beach.

He could definitely see himself forgetting surrounded by this beauty. But it was all a facade. What had just happened to Jacob... what was barely prevented was proof of that.

Speaking of Jacob... Colin glanced over to their new companion. He was standing; that was indoubtedly a good thing. However curiously, he sat back down after appearing like he was ready to leave now. And his visage contorted into pain as the boy brough back forth memories of the one who had passed.

"I'm...I'm sorry guys. I just...Paige...she was everything I had. When I woke up here, I dunno how long ago now, but...I promised I would find her. I searched, and I searched, and then...she was there, she was right there. We were...I promised her that...we'd get off of here, we'd find our friends, we'd get..."

Colin watched him pull a small ring box out of seemingly nowhere, and his heart sank even more than it had already. He was... Oh god... His head fell as he tried to comprehend the pain of losing someone... someone like that.

"We'd get married. I got this, right before the trip. We were gonna get married, we'd leave Bayview, our friends, our families, and we'd...we'd be together forever."

He just softly nodded, turning his eyes back to Jacob. He wasn't quite sure why Jacob was telling them all of this, but he was glad on a level. It was unprovoked, he hadn't attempted to pry it. He wanted someone to talk to, someone to sympathize with, and he trusted them. Unwilling to interupt, he stayed silent, his eyes meeting his again for just a moment.

"And then...Rob Jenkins. She...I think she was so tired, so...she got angry. She used to tell me stuff about him, and then, she...I don't think she knew he had a gun. She...she called him a Nazi, and then...and..."

His eyes went wide as he watched his fall to the ground. He bit his lower lip, trying to think of something, anything to say. A hand wandered to his hair, awkwardly running through it in an effort to show some form of response; yet failing in it's goal.

After a brief moment, Jacob spoke again.

"I should have stopped her. If I'd just grabbed her, stopped her from yelling, she'd be alive."

"No... Don't blame yourself. You... neither of you could have known that he had a gun..." He tried to rationalize away Jacob's guilt. An immediate human reaction.

And then he thought back to himself not 24 hours ago. No logic in the world would wipe away that guilt, that pain. Nothing that any of his friends from either Bayview or backhome could say would have helped. Those wounds would close with time. As Colin thought of Tony once more he felt a sinking in the pit of his stomach, but no more tears fell.

"I... I think I kind of know how you feel. And I seriously owe you an explanation anyways..."

Let Jacob know he wasn't alone.

"I'm sure you heard my name the other day..."

He offered you that explanation. Now it's time to tell your story.

This was going to suck.

"T...Tony kind of rushed Tim and I in the tunnel." His chest hurt from even thinking about it in such detail again. "I... I didn't even know what I was doing, it was almost like I wasn't really there. But I... I thought he was going to kill Tim... So out of reaction when he tackled Tim, I swung my Axe." He sighed, his own eyes drilling into the sand. "H-He was hurt so badly... I hadn't wanted it. Apparently he just wanted to get rid of our weapons so we couldn't use them... He was such a good person, he didn't deserve to die. But... He couldn't move. I had to... I had to help him..."

He refused to make eye contact with Jacob. "I don't think I stopped crying for almost a day. It was right when I woke up... I..."

He trailed off, unsure of what to say. He had talked himself into a corner.

He almost hoped that Jacob would leave, or kill him on the spot. He wasn't strong enough for this crap. He just wanted to go home.
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